when in doubt, stickers!!

It’s been one of those contemplative nights. Lots of bubbling, swirling questions.

How can I make the most of every opportunity? Without trying to cram more into an already full life?

What parts of my life reflect God’s heart? And which parts need to take a hike?

How do I know the difference between pointless, unnecessary, time-wasting? And no-fun-but-gotta-be-done?

How can I share the mission God is burning into the walls of my heart? With people who just aren’t ready to hear it?

Why can’t I just write a happy little blog post? That makes sense and isn’t written in some sort of pensive, brooding code?

And so I do what I often (always?) do when I’m struggling with life’s biggest questions. Find something tangible to do rightthissecond to make a difference.

First, a gigantic THANK YOU to those of you who are collecting supplies for the Boys’ Center. You, my friends, are a BLESSING.

Here are some more things we’d like to take on our trip (for the kiddos at our orphanage and for 2 different schools). If you’d be willing to purchase any of these items, please let me know.

Stickers! (It’s universal. Kids LOVE stickers. Any and all kinds. As many as we can find.)
Board books (for kindergarteners)
Washers of all sizes (as in from the hardware store–for making necklaces!)
Paintbrushes (for necklaces, not houses)
Silly string! (self-explanatory)
Card games (Skip-Bo, Uno, Scrabble Slam, etc.)
Blank notes w/envelopes (blank on front and inside–we’re going to have the kids decorate them and use them as thank-you notes)

If none of this strikes your fancy, there’s more coming soon! Friends, I can’t thank you enough for your sweet, generous hearts. I look at this growing pile of supplies and just grin and praise Jesus.

See you tomorrow for James Chapter 3!

9 thoughts on “when in doubt, stickers!!

  1. Lori

    I plugged this today on my (extremely under read in comparison) blog and facebook page. http://howwecangiveitall.com/?p=161

    God’s been pushing me in the “do more” category. I prayed for him to show me a specific passion / cause and He said “the helpless but especially and in-arguably widows and children” So I’m working on some cool ideas surrounding GIVE on my site to help promote things just like this. Simple gives. Stay tuned….and please share your thoughts (except about my header and graphics….they are currently quite awful and under re-construction LOL!)

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