what will become of our stuff?

We have lots of decisions to make in the next three months. We’re moving to Cambodia. And we’ll probably take just what can fit in 10 suitcases. And we don’t want to burden our families by storing a billion things at their houses for who knows how long.

The good news? We’ve been minimal-izing our lives for quite some time, so this task isn’t as daunting as it could be.

The bad news? It’s still a little bit overwhelming/time-consuming/emotional.

So, I thought I’d give you a little peek into some decisions we’ve already made about our stuff. In list form. Four categories. What We’re Giving Away. What We’re Selling. What We’re Storing. What We’re Taking.

Sound like fun? I thought so too! Great minds.

(These lists are not exhaustive. Just a thinking-out-loud start to the moving process.)

What We’re Giving Away:
–our tortoise, Atlas, and his home, heat lamp, and sleeping log. (We said good-bye to him last Sunday and feel confident his new family will love him well.)
–our new-to-us Ikea queen-size bed. (Sweet friends gave it to us when they upgraded to a king and we had to toss our old mattress/box spring because of the bedbugs. Giving it to my parents who have lots of family stay with them.)
–globes. (I can’t bear to sell these, so I’m giving them away to family members who will hopefully post monthly pictures of them on Facebook so I can see how they’re doing.)
–books. (Giving some to dear friends who will care for them lovingly.)
–Gabe’s desk chair. (to my dad whose desk chair is a broken neck/back waiting to happen)
–the girls’ bunk beds (not giving them away so much as giving them back to my dad)
–Gabe’s desk (back to his mom)
–my childhood desk & dresser (to Mom and Dad)
–dishes & kitchen stuff.
–our kitchen hutch (to my sis).
–toys & games (to grandmas & cousins)
–blankets & beach towels.
–framed Charlotte’s Web poster. (Grandma’s playroom)

 What We’re Selling:
–my big desk.
–our kitchen table/chairs.
–a dresser.
–a bookshelf or three.
–a few lamps.
–our van. (a dear friend wants to buy it, and my heart is happy)
–our car.
–Kevin Harvick car collection.

What We’re Storing:
–photo albums.
–the girls’ memory boxes.
–my journals.
–old video cameras/tapes.
–the girls’ baby books.

What We’re Taking:
banners. (soooo excited she’s back in business just in time for us to stock up!)
–a few wooden giraffes from Kenya.
–our favorites sheets/blankets.
–my photo book of Jubilee Kate.
–some of my favorite books. (I’ll post a list soon of the ones that made the cut.)
–2 Mac Book Airs.
–3 iPods.
–our camera (and lenses).
–some Dancing Elephant cards.
–a few small pieces of wall art.
–big shoes (it’s hard to find women’s size 10–me and Ava–and 11–Livi–and men’s 13 in Cambodia).
–comfy clothes for warm/hot weather.
–a few sentimental knickknacks.

That’s it for now. We’re excited and nervous and sad and happy and excited! Cambodia or Bust!

So tell me: What’s missing from our lists?

12 thoughts on “what will become of our stuff?

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      Thanks for asking, Ellen. We’re working on a list. Right now it includes things like passports and travel shots, a luggage set, feminine hygiene products (a few months’ worth), conditioner (which we’ve heard is hard to find), non-perishable healthy snacks like dried fruit & granola bars, OTC medicine, bug spray, new undergarments, $ for visas, new shoes for growing girls, self-adhesive hooks/tape to hang up our maps & banners on tile walls, printing out some photos to share with neighbors here, repairing one of Gabe’s camera lenses…

      We’d better get busy! 🙂

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      We actually try not to have too much food in our house at one time. We buy a lot of fresh produce on an as-needed basis. Also, our lease is up December 2, and we’ll be moving in with my parents for that last month and hanging out with family during the holidays. So we might take some food with us. But otherwise, yes! We have loved sharing food with our neighbors–and they love sharing with us! We’re going to miss them. 🙁

  1. Kim Schiffman

    So exciting! Looks like you are on the right track but I know that’s super emotional! 10 Suitcases is hard too. Leave the twin sheets. Ours didn’t fit the beds there. The “twins” there are some weird different size involving the metric system. Might be the same for other beds. There are no serrated knives to be found, either, so if that’s important to you, take some. But not in the carry on… 🙂 Good luck packing and adventure awaits! I hope to visit you (at the very least!)

  2. Pam

    Since I count as family (unofficially and self-declared but I feel the love), I can’t wait for a globe. Kidding, not really, this might be getting awkward. You also didn’t mention who is getting the sponge bob square face canvas. I’ll store it for you guys and hang it somewhere in my house and giggle every time I see it. 🙂 Love you guys!

  3. megan Bradford

    When you said Atlas’ sleeping log, at first I thought you meant a journal of sorts; all about his sleeping patterns. Ha ha ha!

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