what a great idea!!

If you’re brand-new to these parts, you might not know that I talk about Cambodia a lot. A lot a lot a lot. And you might not know that Gabe and I went to Cambodia last July thanks to the amazing generosity of a ton of real-life/online friends. And you might not know that we want to go back and take our girls.

Except we feel really strongly that we need to earn/save the money ourselves as best we can. We raised $5000 in less than two weeks last time. Effortless, painless, amazing. This time we want to feel the burn. We want to know what it means to sacrifice and work really hard and take a (relatively) long time to see our numbers climb.

We just reached $6000 yesterday. WOWZA. According to our rough calculations (multiplying the $2500 we each needed for our last trip by five), we’re halfway to our ultimate goal of $12,000. And we earned a big chunk of it ourselves (we also know some annoyingly generous and fabulous people who have insisted on waaaaay overpaying on the trinkets they’ve bought or have sneakily given us money for NOTHING).

I’m so proud of our girls and so excited to have come this far. But I’ll be honest. I feel like we’ve kind of hit a wall. Chipping away at our goal one Scrabble magnet at a time has been a teensy bit taxing. But in a beautiful, rewarding kind of way.

So. Do you have any great ideas for fundraisers?? I got some good ones from some of you on Facebook today.

–Family Car Wash (Jen)

–Quarter Auction (Jan)

–T-shirt Sale (Natalie)

Woven Joy (Jason & Doni)

–Beef & Beer Dinner (Emily)

–Silent Auction (Carrie)

–Coffee! (Anne)

–Sno-Cones (Deborah)

I have a couple little ideas I’m hoping to blog about in May/June. A little Father’s Day thing. Marlaslist (like Craigslist–things we want to get rid of). A couple e-books. T-shirts.

And of course, you can ALWAYS buy Blushing or Diapers books, Scrabble magnets, Cambodia Photo Cards, or washer necklaces. E-mail me.

Any other awesome (or even slightly cool) fund-raising ideas?

6 thoughts on “what a great idea!!

  1. Loretta

    HI there, I don’t get to read here very often, but I did today, and saw that you were looking for fundraisers, I have a good idea, and it is to do one with Tupperware, they have a very good one, 40% goes to the fundraiser———Take a look at my website http://www.mytupperware.com/lorettabetty
    and you can see the fundraiser line. thanks or cheching.

  2. valerie (in TX)

    OH! And I also read about this one online: You have to find a business with a drive-thru that would be willing to work with you (they suggested asking Chick-fil-A). You have one person stand at the beginning of the drive-thru line and ask people if they would like to have their windshield washed for a donation. If they say yes, you take their money and put a mark or a sticky note or something on their windshield. As they pull forward, you have two more people (one on each side of the car) wash their window! Cool, huh? 🙂

  3. valerie (in TX)

    I’m going on my first mission trip at the end of this month (to Uganda – eek!). I got this idea from another lady on our team. She held a giveaway for an iPad and an iPod-Touch. Each $20 donation received one entry into the giveaway. She purchased the items herself and received enough donations to not only cover the cost, but she made $1200 in profit!! I did a similar giveaway for a Kindle. I don’t know nearly as many people, but still cleared $275. I bet this would work great for you! 🙂

  4. Mandy

    My friend Jenn is raising money to be a missionary to France and she was telling me this past weekend about a fundraiser called Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com). It’s for creative projects, and one of the categories is Journalism, so I thought you might be able to find a way to start a project that is creative, involves your gift of writing, and is focused on reaching Cambodia. Maybe blogging about the trip would be enough of a project. Anyway, the fundraiser involves making a video about your project and emailing it to everybody and asking them to commit to donate. You have a goal to raise a certain amount of money within a specific time period and if you don’t reach the goal you get nothing, but if you reach or exceed the goal you get it all. Our worship leader at our church raised almost double the money he needed to record a new album this way.

  5. Bethany

    You could have people sponsor your girls to memorize verses by a certain date, like, “I will give you $___ for each verse you memorize.

    A lot of restaurants will let you choose a night (Mon-Thur) and you give out invites to everyone you know and you get 20% of whatever they spend on that particular night.

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