we’ve got mail! (almost)

(Before you read this, please take a minute to pray for one of our favorite little guys in a fight for his life. Thank you!)

*LIST EDITED ON June 20, 2015

So, hey! Guess what we did yesterday. Took a tuk-tuk to the post office and got ourselves a p.o. box. Yay us! We’ve been tickled by all the people who have asked for our address so they could send us a little treat, but you really can’t get mail delivered here. Unless… you get a post office box!

(We don’t technically have our keys yet. They only had the original. “Come back next week for copies!” Okay, great. But we’re sure we’ll have them in hand well before any packages make their way across the ocean.)

(I love that our p.o. box cost $13 for the whole year, but it cost us $3 to tuk-tuk to the post office, then $2 to tuk-tuk to the branch closer to our house and $2 to get home. And we have to go back for our keys next week. $4 more. $11. Shake my head.)

I still don’t know how much it costs to send things to Cambodia. I do know that you should write “gift” or “no commercial value” or “$10” on the form when it asks you the value of what you’re shipping. If you put $100, you’re going to make the package seem more tempting to postal workers to keep for themselves. And, also, we’ve been told to send it certified if you want it to arrive safely (I don’t know how that works.).

Please, if you want to send us something, don’t send us something too heavy or too expensive. 1.) We don’t want you spending that kind of money on us. and 2.) If you’re going to spend a ton of money to ship something, we would probably rather you send us the $ you would have spent on shipping.

Also: we have people coming to visit this summer, and we can work out a way for you to get something to them, and they’ll bring it to us. Cool?

But I KNOW some of you are just itching to send us a care package. And who am I to discourage someone from expressing their love to us in that way?

So, here are some ideas. A missionary gift registry of sorts. (except not, because I’m not really a fan of gift registries–hey, here are all the many, many things I want–how about you buy them for me?) But maybe it would be helpful to know what we can/can’t get easily in Cambodia. It would be a shame to pay $20 to send us $8 worth of snacks that we can buy ourselves for $14 (or whatever).

(I’ll add Amazon links so you can see what I’m talking about, but it’s probably cheaper to buy most of this somewhere else. Not sure.)

(I’m also going to try to limit the list to things that 1.) don’t weigh a lot, 2.) don’t cost a lot, 3.) are impossible to find here–as far as I know.)



Personal Items:

  • Banners by Bethany banner. (I have a list of all the ones I want her to make me. Just message her!)
  • this t-shirt. (size Adult Small–proceeds support a friend on the World Race)
  • any t-shirt that supports some sort of global-justice-Jesus cause. (men’s small or ladies’ large)
  • Expecting books. (I know this is weird, but I brought 3 copies with me and have already given away 2. Would love to have some on hand to give to pregnant friends–both Khmer and ex-pats alike. And your purchase helps keep the book alive and kicking! Win win!

Family Stuff:

  • Amazon gift card (for our Kindles)
  • iTunes gift card
  • Old Navy flip-flops (women’s size 10-11)
  • Word A Round (card game)
  • Mille Bornes (card game)
  • (If you know you want to get us a specific card game, let me know, so we don’t have doubles! Thanks!)

Stuff That Doesn’t Cost Money:

  • a photo of your family.
  • cards/letters.
  • your kiddos’ (or your!) artwork.
  • a postcard from your city/state/country

So, there you go. If you want to send us a package, we would be honored and thrilled! And, if you have any other awesome ideas (it took us forever to think of stuff!!), let us know. Or surprise us at your own risk!

Gabe and Marla Taviano
P.O. Box 1897
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
(Phone # 078 85 36 50)

(Include our phone number, because they will call us when we have a package to pick up. And, also, tell us when you’ve sent one, so we’ll know to keep an eye/ear out for it!)

Email me with any questions (or leave a comment here). And Phnom Penh friends, if you have any post office/package mailing advice, let us know!

8 thoughts on “we’ve got mail! (almost)

  1. Christina Tobe

    Would the girls be interested in crafting supplies. I have tons of scrapbooking supplies….papers, stickers etc. I LOVE their cards and so does everyone who has received one from me. Which is a lot of people! Just thought it would be something fun for them to do. I also have the game Pit so it no one has sent it to you, I would love to send it over.
    I love reading your posts, blogs and newsletters. You are your family do amazing things! XOXOXOX

  2. Becky Perkins

    I have been patiently waiting for your mailing address. Do the girls have anything special on their list?

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      We all came up with this list together, so any of the snacks/games/t-shirts would be great! Honestly, they had a hard time thinking of things. They’d rather have $ to buy ice cream & things from the market here. 🙂

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