we like mike

The only thing better than being in Cambodia and eating at Mike’s Burger House (whose burgers taste remarkably like In-N-Out’s) and drinking ice-cold Coke with free refills and laughing your head off and taking a moonlight tuk-tuk ride back to the guest house?

Is doing it with really good friends.

Are you reading Radical with anyone special? I’d love to hear about him or her!

p.s. A very happy birthday to my dear friend, Amy! I love you, girl!

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8 thoughts on “we like mike

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  2. Jeffrey Im

    Hey Marla ! I googled my Dad’s burger house in Cambodia and your blog came up ! I’m his son, I live in Cali. I told him about this blog and he’s flattered lol. Anyway, love the pictures ! Pops can cook ! lol. Next time if you ever visit, ask him to make his famous Spaghetti. OMG, amazing ! (:

  3. Mandy

    I’m reading it with my husband. We have been working on making our marriage more godly and this read along came at teh perfest time.

  4. Gabe Taviano

    For the record, Doug and I ordered the same sandwich (photo 2), he had already packed his down for the challenge. Didn’t want you thinking my high food pressure was that insane, LOL. It is actually.

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