What does W.A.T. stand for?

Walk Against Traffick. It’s a 10-mile walk to raise money to fight human trafficking in Cambodia.

When? Where?

8:00am on Saturday, July 16th at Highbanks Metro Park in Columbus, Ohio (registration opens at 7am).

This might be a silly question, but will you actually be walking against traffic?

No. We will be walking a very safe, very easy, car-free 1-mile loop (10 times) at a beautiful metro park in central Ohio.

Who is eligible to walk?

Anyone who lives close enough to Columbus, Ohio to get to Highbanks Metro Park by 7:30am on Saturday, July 16 and feels like they’ve got 10 miles in them. A heart to fight human trafficking is a plus!

I heard that the Taviano family will be there, but I thought y’all moved to Cambodia.

We did! But we’ll be back in the States from June 8 to August 8 visiting family/friends, resting, and raising money/awareness for The Hard Places Community (the organization we work for here in Cambodia). WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AT THE WALK!!

Will this cost me money?

Actually, yes. There is a $10 registration fee which will cover renting the park for the day (it costs $300), a delicious cook-out after the walk, and other things like signs & such. (We are hoping/praying for LOTS of donations–otherwise, it would cost lots more.)

If my whole family walks, do we each have to pay $10?

Each adult pays $10. Children of walking/paying parents walk for free. (But we will ask for a donation for your hungry children at the cook-out.)

What if I can’t afford the registration fee, but I really want to walk?

Ask your grandma or mother-in-law or best friend or boss if they’d be willing to give you $10 cash to sponsor your registration fee!

What do I need to do before the walk?

1.) Register here. 2.) Go to walkagainsttraffick.org, click on “resources” and print out the “2015 Envelope PDF” which is just a place to record your donations. 3.) Start asking your awesome friends and family to sponsor your walk. They can do $1/mile, $10/mile, a flat donation of $20, $50, $3000, whatever.

And click “going” on the Walk Against Traffick Columbus, OH Facebook page, so we can see you’re coming and get excited!

How does payment work?

They pay before the walk–by check, cash, or Paypal. Checks made payable to IOM (International Outreach Ministries–they handle HPC’s finances; ours too). For Paypal, go here, click “donate” and if a memo box pops up, write “WAT Cbus.”

Will there be t-shirts?

YES. And they are AWESOME. They’re made by some beautiful trafficking survivors at Agape International Missions here in Cambodia. Girls like Toha.

How much is the t-shirt?

It’s $15. BUT. If you raise $100, it’s just $10! If you raise $200, it’s only $5! And if you raise $300, your t-shirt is FREE!

Do you have an unlimited # of t-shirts?

NO. We only have 200! So you need to be one of the first 200 to register for the walk. Hurry! Go register! 

Do you have t-shirts in kids’ sizes?

No, our smallest size is an adult small. BUT. We will have some adorable t-shirts from Cambodia in kiddos’ sizes 2-12 that you can buy for your walking (or not walking) kiddo for a good price.

Who should I ask for money, and how should I ask?

ANYONE and EVERYONE. Ask however you’d like. Sugary sweet, puppy dog face, guilt trip. (kidding) Ask people face to face, ask them in a fb message, write it on your wall, take a pic of yourself with a cool sign and put it on Instagram. Whatever you need to do.

What do I tell people I’m walking for?

Tell them that human trafficking of innocent children is a big problem in many countries across the world, including America. Tell them that you have friends (even if we haven’t met, if you’re walking, WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS) who live in Cambodia and work at a center for kiddos who are at risk of being sexually abused or exploited. Tell them that you want to help your friends protect kids and give them hope and a future. (Here’s a blog post that gives more specifics about what we do.)

Do you need other kinds of help? (I’m not really a walk-10-miles kind of person.)

Yes! If you’d like to volunteer on the day of the walk (or before), let me know! I’ll put you in touch with my friend, Pam. She has lists of jobs and/or you can donate things like food/water/etc.

I want to bring my kids and volunteer, but they’re small. Will we be a help or hindrance?

We have one specific task that is PERFECT for young families. We’d like 4 different groups of people stationed around the loop. You decide what your station will look like. Dress up like clowns (except not scary ones–okay, maybe dress like superheroes) and cheer people on. Bring loads of popsicles (or water) and hand them out to hot, tired walkers. Bring your iPod and a speaker and have dance music playing. Bring your own band! Bring some camping chairs or a shade tent and let people sit down for a minute while you fan them. Water balloons! Water guns! Cowbells! Sky’s the limit!!

Do volunteers get free t-shirts?

We’re working on this one. The t-shirts cost more than normal, because we’re having them made by trafficking survivors instead of in a big factory. We will probably need to charge at least $10. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

If I’m just volunteering, not walking, do I still need to register?

Yes please!

I can’t make it to the walk (I’ll be at the beach/I live far away/fill-in-the-blank). How can I help??

Sponsor one of our family members! Gabe! Marla! Olivia! Ava! Or Nina! Or let me know if you’d like to donate items, give a grocery store gift card, or sponsor t-shirts for walkers who can’t afford them.

Will the walk be cancelled if it’s raining?

NOPE. Rain or shine or snow, we’ll be walking! This is our fourth (fifth?) Walk Against Traffick. We did one in the pouring rain and one in snow. Nice weather is a bonus but not necessary.

So, what can I expect on Saturday, the 16th?

You can expect AWESOMENESS. You’ll get to Highbanks Metro Park at 7:00am. You’ll have your $10 registration fee (if you haven’t already paid online), your donations from your friends/family, and your walking shoes.

You’ll go to the registration table, sign in, pay for your t-shirt (or get it FREE if you raised $300 or more), hand in your $, get your bib, meet new people, wait for the gun.

The walk is 10 laps around a 1-mile loop. You’ll get a sticker on your bib for each lap so you don’t forget how many you’ve walked. You can take breaks anytime. You can finish quickly or not. You can drop out after 7 laps (or 2) and no one will care.

After you’re done walking, you can socialize, start eating, buy stuff from The Dancing Elephant, take selfies, get a BIG HUG from me, or whatever you want to do.

Our fam will share a little bit and thank everybody for coming at some point.

You will go home tired, happy, and feeling good about what you just did.

That’s it!

Anything else I should know?

I don’t know. You tell me. What am I missing? I know one thing: WE ARE SO STINKING EXCITED TO SEE YOU AND WALK WITH YOU!! It encourages our hearts like you cannot even believe! See you in less than TWO MONTHS!!

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