totes for cambodia!

I’ll be honest. I don’t really wear jewelry (or belts), and beauty products aren’t my thing. Kitchen gadgets overwhelm me, and I’m pretty much a cheapskate.

I’m what you might call THE LIFE OF THE PARTY.

But tote bags? With WORDS on them?? And for CHEAP?? And with 25% of the proceeds going to our CAMBODIA FUND?!? Now you’re talking my language.

Have you heard of the company Thirty-One? My sweet friend Shalla (who also happens to be our pastor’s wife) is a consultant with them and asked me this week if she could do a fundraiser for our Cambodia Trip. Oh my goodness, yes, I said.

Thirty-One sells all kinds of adorable bags and totes and purses and thermal totes (and aprons and baskets and other stuff). My personal favorite at JUST THE RIGHT PRICE is the Small Thermal Tote (lunch bag) on sale for $8.00 (+$1.50 for embroidery).

If you bought one of those cutie-patootie lunch bags, you’d be giving us $2.00 for our Cambodia Fund!! Woohoo for you!!

And the Large Thermal Totes are on sale for just $10.00. And there’s all kinds of other crazy-cute stuff besides.

You can choose from all kinds of patterns and colors and personalize your bag with up to 12 letters.

We’ll get 25% of anything you buy from NOW until JANUARY 29. We’d be THRILLED if you wanted to support our trip in this way! Just click HERE and then click on “Shop Now.”

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! You can also call Shalla (her cell is listed on her page), but she’s heading to Virginia for a funeral with four small children with lots of snow in the forecast (please pray for her and Rich!), so it may be a bit before she can get back to you.

If you have a Thirty-One bag and want to brag about it, PLEASE DO!

And if you have any S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E letters or fabric for boas you’d like to donate, let me know! And we’re still making Scrabble magnets for 25 cents each (+$2 shipping).

We’re up to $1635 on our way to $12,000+.

Last thing–please keep praying for Joanne. Toben’s latest update has all the details about her condition at this time. Praising God for his faithfulness in all things!!

4 thoughts on “totes for cambodia!

  1. Mallory

    I was introduced to Thirty-One not too long ago and I love it.

    I got the Thermal Zipper Tote for a gift and it is so cute and has plenty of room for my lunch.

    The Storage Tote is huge and will hold tons of stuff.

    I’ve had a lot of bags in my time, but the Organizing Utility Tote is my favorite one I’ve ever owned. It has seven pockets on the outside to hold keys, phone, pencils, water bottle, etc. and the inside is so roomy. I took it to a conference and had no problem fitting all the pamphlets and books I picked up.

    The Large Utility Tote is well…large. My mom got one and it was so handy for carrying Christmas packages. I’ve also heard of people using it to keep blankets in their car or for putting their grocery bags in it so they only have to make one trip inside.

    I got the Skirt Purse for Christmas and some skirts for my birthday, and they are so cute. It looks like a totally different purse with each new skirt you put on it.

    Whatever you choose, I’m positive you won’t be disappointed!!

  2. Gail

    I have an insulated lunch tote and a nice big tote for school. Love them! Sorry that I’ve already exhausted my 31 budget for the year! But other ladies, buy one! You’ll be glad!

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