too much tuesday

EDIT (8:58 pm): Super Saver Books Sold Out! More coming later in the week…

I tried to write a post last night, but the exhaustion won over. This morning I feel refreshed and ready to face the pool. And the dentist (Ava). And the eye doctor (me). Okay, not really, just trying to psych myself up.

There is much going on, and I’m trying to get used to this new normal. Having all three girls home, Gabe at work, owning a pool pass, trying to get our Cambodia ducks in a row, and blah, blah, blah. By the time I get in the swing of things, I’m sure summer will be over.

Oh well.

The Cambodia support-raising is going well. We are just stinkin’ blessed to know so many stinkin’ generous people. Man alive.

And I have an exciting offer today. You know those Restaurant Super-Saver Coupon Books? Well, my aunt Lisa gave us EVERY PENNY from the 5 we sold. And then gave us some more! So, I have 5 to sell today, and 1 can be yours for a $15 donation toward our trip.

We keep all the $, and your coupon book almost pays for itself when you buy a Domino’s Pizza and get one free. You can also get free Big Macs and Long John Silver’s Sampler Platters and Arby’s Roast Beef sandwiches and AUNTIE ANNE’S PRETZELS (be still my heart) and Big Buford Burgers and Hungry Howie’s Pizzas and on and on and on.

The first 5 people to tell me they want a coupon book get one.

And one more thing. You know the Worlds Apart Project? Where I wrote that book (it’s a download that you can read on your computer or print out) and I’m selling it to make money for missions? Today only, the book is just $1. Just click here and donate $1, and I’ll e-mail you the link to the book.

Now, if you don’t want coupons (fabulous coupons!) or an e-book, I still want to hear from you, because an entire summer is too long to go without connecting with my computer friends. And here’s something I read this morning that really stuck with me.

In all our thinking about Christian service, prayer needs to become fundamental instead of supplemental… Prayer is the work; it is the essence of the task to which we are called, and apart from it, all other work, and I mean Christian work, is a sheer waste of time and energy divorced from the basic work of prayer. Everything else is insignificant. (Scottish theologian Eric Alexander)

A good word for me during this busy time. How about you? Can I pray for you? Leave a comment or e-mail me privately.

So, for the Listers:

1. Comment if you want a coupon book for $15.

2. Click to donate $1 if you want to read Worlds Apart.

3. Let me know how I can pray for you.

4. Give me a quick update on your life.

I appreciate you, friends! Have a great Tuesday!

14 thoughts on “too much tuesday

  1. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    Marla, I have really enjoyed reading your posts getting ready for Cambodia. This is such a great idea!!! I’m going to share this blog with anyone thinking about going to Cambodia from The Waters Church. This is great! My brain is already turning with ideas for those who want to travel to Cambodia next summer!

    P.S. You were the book winner at our blog this week!!!
    The Moon Shines Down by the author of Goodnight Moon.

    You and your children will love this book! It will be a lovely reminder of the children you meet in Cambodia.

    Head over to the blog to claim your prize!:)

  2. Rachelle

    Missed this post…I got my coupon book and it has some great stuff in it!! So…I want another one, if you have any left-just email me.

    and I want you to know that God is AT WORK…on Wednesday my 9yo son summed it up by counting out 11 great things that happened that day! That was just ONE day!! 🙂 Some of those things included huge answers to prayer: including us getting our final inspections completed on our home(we’ve been building-ourselves; as in tiling, plumbing, drywall, etc-for 2 years after our contractor took the $$ and bailed)-we needed the final inspec by June 30, but thought it was impossible…but by God’s grace we are techinically finished!!
    Also, our itty-bitty country church has been w/out a pastor for 9 months…and God has brought us the man and his sweet wife!
    Everyday we let these kind of miracles slip by, almost unnoticed-thank you for praying for your friends. I am praying for your trip and my heart could burst at the joy of waiting to hear from you in a far-away place.

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  4. jaime

    ok, so I thought I would be way late for the 5th copy for $15. If I am not, facebook me and I will pay via paypal if that works. Go Cambodia…

  5. Sarah M

    YES! I want a coupon book…….can i do it online through paypal? email me 🙂 thanks marla & i’ve been praying for you guys!

  6. joyce

    Hi Marla-

    I will take two of your restaurant coupon books. I looked at the list of restaurants and thought I’d spread the love a little by sending them to my girls who are living in their university town this summer. Do I need to send you $33 x 2 or $15 x 2? I wasn’t sure…whatever is fine…you can email me with payment details. I’d prefer to send a check if that’s okay. Blessings on your trip! And your summer : )..Joyce (

  7. Holly @ Crownlaiddown

    Praying for you, Marla! And I have a “novel” of what is going on with us, but it is GOOD news. I believe that our dry season is OVER. Praise God!! Praying for you and for God’s abundance and each verse that I sent you. Love, Holly

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