too cute to be true

I mean, seriously, how am I supposed to handle this much cuteness? It’s overkill really. These two doll babies live at the orphanage, but they’re not orphans. The little girl’s mama works on staff, and the little guy’s mommy is the Orphanage Mom (and his dad is the Orphanage Dad).

Here’s Srey Nut (I think this is her name. It was kind of hard to understand what they were calling her.) with her real mama (a recent widow, I believe).

But even though these two cuties have biological parents, they have a ton of “adoptive” Moms and Dads as well. You should see the older kids with these little ones. Okay, you will see the older kids with these little ones. (And I didn’t pose these kids. I just happened upon them already hanging out together and pointed my camera at them.)

Sothourn with Srey Nut:

Thea with Baby Eden:

Longdich with Eden:

And Phalla with Srey Nut:

Just melt me and call me a puddle. I mean really. Can you even imagine what AMAZING mothers and fathers these kiddos are going to be someday? They may have lost their biological parents, but they know God is their Father. AND they have Savong and Pisey, who are wonderful parents to them. AND they’re getting so much practice at showering love and affection on their little “brothers” and “sisters.”

It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Up tomorrow: Radical Read-Along Details! If you haven’t gotten your book yet, now’s the time!

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