three days and counting…

Today is July 4th. Gabe and I leave for Cambodia July 7. Oh my.

My heart and mind are so full of things I want to say, but I’m afraid if I let myself get started I’ll just spew them all over. Which I’m typically not averse to doing (I heard a couple of you say, “No kidding!”). HOWEVER. I’ve got quite a bit to do and three kiddos to love on, so.


Speaking of those kiddos, I warned them this morning before church that I wanted three days of HAPPY with them before we leave. “Do not make me glad to leave you,” I said. So far, no one is heeding my warning.

I’m so proud of our June team to Cambodia. They got back to the Columbus airport this morning at 6am and I got to see almost all 13 of their sweet little adrenaline-rushed faces this morning at church (Lord, please be with them and their families when the crash comes.). What a special, special time. As I hugged my friend Tammy (our pastor’s wife), she whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait for this for you.” I about bawled. I can’t wait either.

Three. More. Days.

So, all of my well-laid plans for yesterday (Saturday) morning went bye-bye while I spent three hours in urgent care (and meandering around Kroger waiting on a prescription) with Livi. She’s got a pretty bad case of swimmer’s ear-turned-outer ear infection. Praying she’s all healed before we go.

My girls are pretty stinkin’ excited to pack up all their art supplies and stuffed animals for their Super-Fun Stay with their grandparents and aunt. I’m so thankful for loving family members so willing to care for them while we’re gone.

Here’s a little peek into what the June team got to do while they were over there. I’m sure our 10 days will play out a little differently, but this will give you a general idea.

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Prayer Requests:

–PRAISE!! We got all $5000 that we needed for our trip! All glory to God! And a huge thank you to all of you!!

–Please pray that Gabe’s camera gets here by Tuesday (he sent it to Michigan to be repaired).

–Please pray that Livi’s ear will heal and that my neck and shoulder will be in super-great, un-sore shape by Wednesday.

–Please pray for provision and wisdom and clarity of mind as we make final purchases and pack everything we (and our girls) need for 10 days.

–Please pray for our family members who will be coming out of retirement to care for young’uns.

–Please pray that the wills and caregiver consent forms we filled out won’t need to be used.

–Please pray for safety, unity, discernment and strength for our team. If you want to pray for them by name–Kim, Jason, Doug, Lindy, Erin, Gabe and Marla. Jen is our missionary friend over there.

–Please pray that we’ll be an amazing blessing to every precious soul we meet in Cambodia.

Thank you, friends! I hope to pop in here a couple more times before we leave. And in the airport. And, Lord willing, several times from Cambodia. THANK YOU for your love, support and prayers!!

7 thoughts on “three days and counting…

  1. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    So glad you posted these prayer requests; that Gabe got his working camera back; and that you are going to Cambodia this week!! I totally agree, I can’t wait for this for you!! Praying and love you, sister!

  2. Rachelle

    So excited…it feels a little like we, your blog followers, are going too! Can’t wait to hear how God shows up among the faces of those in Cambodia. Praise you Jesus for providing the way…

  3. Elizabeth

    I can’t believe your trip is so soon! It snuck up on me. It sounds like you are uber-prepared, and I have no doubt this trip is going to be amazing for you and Gabe and your girls! Our family is praying for you.

  4. Krista

    and I’ll just pop into one of those big suitcases and see y’all over there 😉
    Missing you all already.

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