this one's for you, mike!

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I can’t tell you how excited I was about a comment I got on this post. If you can’t be bothered to click on it (trust me, I get it), it’s a photo post of our visit to Mike’s Burger House in Cambodia.

And here’s what Jeffrey had to say about the post: Hey Marla! I googled my Dad’s burger house in Cambodia and your blog came up! I’m his son, I live in Cali. I told him about this blog and he’s flattered, lol. Anyway, love the pictures! Pops can cook! lol. Next time if you ever visit, ask him to make his famous Spaghetti. OMG, amazing!

Giddy I tell you. It made me giddy. Now Jeffrey and I are Facebook friends, and I told him I’d post some more pics to show his dad. Jeffrey and his sister (he claims the two of them had the idea to start a burger joint like In-N-Out) have never been to Cambodia. Mike lived there until he was a teenager and the communist Khmer Rouge took over the country and killed 2-3 million people. (My friend Jen gives a good, brief description of that horrible time here.) Mike escaped (barely) and began a new life in California. 30 years later, he returned to Cambodia.

Jeffrey sent me a link to this really great article that was just written about his dad that tells more of his incredible story.

So here are some more pictures for you, Mike, our jovial friend.

Taking our orders.

So many choices! As delicious as the burger was, I think I might try Lok Lak Beef the next time I’m there. YUM.

This is what Gabe and Doug got.

This is Mike handing out his business cards. He had printed some with a picture of the team that had come from our church a couple weeks before. We took some back for them.

My friend Kimmy modeling the Bug Zapper (that we never had to use).

The fries were perfection really.

And oh my word, don’t even get me started on the unlimited icy-cold Coke.

Ice is a rarity in Cambodia. But Mike has found a way to go above and beyond any American’s ice expectations. Holy cow.

Here’s Mike grabbing us some more drinks from the cooler.

We like Mike! Did I mention that his Burger House is located in a gas station? And only seats maybe 20-25 people at a time.

And apparently Gabe wanted his own picture with Mike without me in the way. Fine.

Thanks so much, Mike! We’ll be seeing you again, Lord willing, sooner rather than later! Saving our pennies for a trip to Cambodia with our girlies!

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13 thoughts on “this one's for you, mike!

  1. arminda

    So I went through and read some of the posts that are linked here and I have been chewing my nails all day trying to find one of mine that might “fit in” with y’all. I couldn’t help myself. When I’m nervous, I find my funny. So I went with funny. Not inspirational. The end.

    P.S. Looking forward to tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  2. joyce

    I linked to a post I wrote a year ago that I read from time to time to help me remember an important life lesson learned. Getting started with the book seemed like a good time to re-read it once more.

    Love the Mike story! Isn’t technology exciting?

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