the good, the bad, & the awesome

I’m having a little trouble remembering what I’ve already shared on my blog, what I’ve shared on Instagram/Facebook, and what I’ve just been thinking inside my head. (I write a lot of things inside my head.)

I know I’ve mentioned/lamented at least once that I’ve been writing a fair amount of “la la la, this is how life is going!” stuff and not really any deep, profound thoughts about Cambodia. Probably because we’re kind of in survival mode. Not survival as in we’re-going-to-die, but survival in a how-do-we-make-a-life-in-Cambodia? kind of way.

Make sense? (feel free to say no, not really)

In keeping with this lighter vein, here are some things off the top of my brain that are going smoothly, going not-that-smoothly, and are just out-of-this-world FABULOUS.

The Good:

We really like our new home. It feels like… home. And it’s so bright and wide-open and spacious. And our landlady is wonderful.

We’re excited to learn the language. We paid our deposit and start on Friday, February 13 (when we’ll pay the rest of what we owe for Module #1). THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our school fund!!

We’re meeting lots of people (everyone is so kind and helpful) and already getting involved in stuff.

I love reading my Bible & journaling & drinking something coffee-ish every morning. Outside on the balcony. Sigh.

Yummy food. All kinds. For really cheap. And within walking distance of our home.

We’ve been able to find/buy a lot of the things we need (rice cooker, sheets & pillows, surge protectors, a globe!).

The girls are embracing life in Cambodia and handling the transition super well.

Sunshine every single day.

The Bad:

I have never (not ever) been a good housekeeper. Oh, people generally come into my home and don’t pick up on this, because everything looks neat and in place and whatever. But, upon closer inspection, I’m super awful about cleaning things like bathtubs & toilets & kitchen floors. And here? I am finding it CRAZY HARD to keep things clean. It’s so dirty and dusty here, and I feel like I could sweep/mop all day long and never catch up.

ANTS. They are itty-bitty tiny, and they show up in DROVES. One little crumb, and they come in a gigantic line of hundreds (maybe thousands). Ugh.

It’s taking me awhile to get in the grocery shopping groove. We buy a little at a time (and waaaay too many snacks). We typically eat out for lunch and make dinner. We can buy lunch for all 5 of us for anywhere from $9 to $16, but I know we can’t do this much longer. (Actually, I don’t even want to write about our eating situation right now, because it’s stressing me out.)

We’re getting along for the most part, but we can also feel the enemy worming his way between us on occasion. We’re praying a lot and reminding each other that we’re on the same team here. (You can pray for us too if you’d like? We want to have unity & peace.)

As lovely as it is to not be shoveling snow, it gets pretty hot here. And this is supposedly “winter.” Hot season is on its way in the next month or so. Hold me.

The Awesome:

Khmer Iced Coffee. Black coffee + sweetened condensed milk + ice = DELICIOUS. It’s 50 cents to $2 (depending on where we get it), and it is YUM to the the E.

Have I mentioned the cheap, delicious food?

Instagram. I love documenting our life here. Thanks for enjoying it with us.

Gabe is doing really great in Cambodia. God is just amazing.

Our supporters. People who are giving to our ministry monthly. And one-time. People who have given so we can go to school. People who give and say, “Could you give $10 to each of your girls so they can buy something fun?” We. Are. So. Grateful.

And also? We. Live. In. CAMBODIA. Can’t get over it.

Anything I left out? Or something you’d like to know more about? Shoot!

3 thoughts on “the good, the bad, & the awesome

  1. Martha

    Maybe while you are blogging you can come up with a little digital booklet about your beginnings in Cambodia… you are so good at this stuff… and it may bring in some more income for schooling etc. Love following along on your FB, Blog, Instagram Keep up the good work sister. God’s got this for you!!

  2. Stephanie Lobdell

    Hello to you all! I hope your food situation isn’t too bad out anything. I really love reading all the blogs and seeing the pictures. Thank you 🙂 prayers sent to you and your family! You all are doing awesome!

  3. Candice

    We had ants like that in the Philippines, too. Eventually you kinda stop caring as long as there aren’t thousands. Two things that helped- all food in containers at all times and we had this chalks stuff we’d use to draw around windows and doors that would kill them as they crossed it. Hope you can find some!

    Would love to hear more about your food situation. We usually got meat at the “clean” market once a week and then bought rice and veggies at the “dirty” market right by our house pretty much every day or so.

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