the dancing elephant!

If you haven’t heard, The Dancing Elephant is our girls’ little home business. Since we came back from Cambodia in January 2012, we’ve been making/selling stuff and sending all the profits to The Hard Places Community (and a few other organizations in Cambodia and around the world).


As of March 3, 2014, we’re saving up to take another trip back to Cambodia. Now we send half of our profits to Cambodia and save half for our trip. (and we’ve been making/selling more than double, so our giving hasn’t gone down! Woot!) In addition to the craft-making, the girls and I have been babysitting and cleaning/organizing for people, and we even got a job finding/compiling a list of wedding venues online.


We’ve made a calculated decision not to jack up prices just because the $ is going to good causes. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth for these handmade goods, and we want lots of people to be able to afford our stuff. (For example: When you buy a pack of cards for $10, 3 of those dollars go to supplies, $3.50 to HPC and $3.50 to our trip.)

Here’s some of what we have in stock (or can easily make) right now:

Bottle cap magnets: Set of 10 = $15 shipped. (Colors/designs will vary. You’re welcome to tell us your fave colors.)


Button magnets: Set of 15 = $15 shipped. (Again, colors will vary.)


CD + book = $10 shipped. So excited about this one! Some of our friends in Cambodia have been part of their church’s worship team for years, and they just released their first CD! We got our hands on one just two days ago, and we can’t stop listening to it. So beautiful! Each CD comes with a songbook (with English lyrics) so you can understand what they’re singing. I’m telling you, friends. There are few things more powerful than listening to beautiful voices praise God in another language.


Scripture Cards: 8 cards + envelopes = $10 (+$3 shipping). Designs/verses will vary.


Happy Birthday Cards: 8 cards + envelopes = $10 (+$3 shipping). Designs/colors will vary.


Personalized Bottle Cap Magnets: $2/letter + $3 shipping. Get your kids’ names, your Word of the Year, a reminder to do something, your favorite country. Sky’s the limit. (That’s not a sentence below. Those are 3 custom orders we’ve done recently.)


Sinner/Saint tees: 4 for $20 shipped. (Sizes L, XL, 2X, 3X available) Gabe wanted the print bigger on these (to cover the whole front of the shirt), so the super-kind printer guy re-did them and let us keep the “mess-ups” for FREE. So, we have a bunch to sell for Cambodia!


World Map Notecards: 8 cards + envelopes + $10 (+$3 shipping). You can get them with/without stickers. And you can also tell us your fave countries/regions of the world.


World Map Marble Magnets: 10 for $15 shipped. This is our personal set, but we can make one just for you!


Is That All He Thinks About? books. 2 for $10 shipped. 5 for $20 shipped. 15 for $50 shipped. Or buy an Expecting book ($12 shipped), get Is That All He Thinks About? FREE. (ITAHTA recently went out of print, and I bought 247 copies of it from the publisher at a deep discount.  You have my blessing to re-sell them and make moolah off of them if you’re so inclined.)


If you’d like to buy something, shoot me an e-mail here. And we’re going to give something away to 2 lucky winners! In the comments, tell us what you’d like to win (magnets, cards, t-shirts, etc.), and we’ll draw winners next week!

We’d also love to hear what other kinds of things you’d like to see from The Dancing Elephant.

And for more fun stuff, check out The Dancing Elephant on Facebook! We give stuff away there too! Thanks, friends!

16 thoughts on “the dancing elephant!

  1. Michelle Ayala

    Such nice stuff! I am going to have to order something. The scripture cards are so pretty! The music is great, too. I found them on Youtube and thought some of your other readers might like to hear a bit to help them decide whether or not to order. 🙂

  2. Ruth

    I absolutely love my Scripture cards! It’s been so wonderful to bless others with them 🙂 I’d love to win a set! 🙂

  3. Amanda

    The scripture cards are so great! I always mean to send notes to people, but rarely get around to it. These just might be great motivation to get to it!

  4. Laura

    The world map marble magnets are so neat! I agree with the person who suggested an etsy shop. Way to go, girls!

  5. Bryn

    Ohh, Dancing Elephant! Such talent and creativity. The scripture cards are beautiful, but the letter magnets are a great idea, too. I’m an RA, and something about college girls– they think dorm doors are all the better with messages on the whiteboard.:)

  6. Sharon

    I like the Birthday cards and the t-shirt. I’d love if the Taviano family would move to Colorado. Which is relevant as that would mean that “The Dancing Elephant” would have headquarters here. P.S. Stop by AZ and bring Jen with you, mkay?? 😉

      1. Sharon

        Yayyy!!! Thanks so much. Any chance The Dancing Elephant will be making washer earrings to go with the necklaces??? Had one of my necklaces on today and thought, “Ya know, I really need some earrings to go with this…….”

      2. Alla

        Can u make your … Can u make your website look really fancy? Like for instance could you create a fancy banner on phohsotop and replace the basic template banner with it?

  7. Ann

    The cards are beautiful–nicer than ones I’ve seen on etsy and cheaper too! Have you thought about opening an etsy shop and putting your mission statement on there too? Between the wonderful crafts and the great cause it seems like you could do well there (and reach a broader audience). Just a thought…

  8. Ruth

    I would love the birthday cards or bottle cap letters or world map notecards! I can’t purchase anything right now but will plan on doing so in the near future!

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