the dancing elephant club!

Hello, friends! I’ll make this quick. I have this GREAT BIG IDEA of buying a lot of really cool stuff here in Cambodia, taking it back to America this summer, and selling it on our Dancing Elephant Facebook page!

Awww… remember the Dancing Elephant?? That was so fun! (and OH MY GOSH the girls were just BABIES!!)

I don’t have a lot of extra money lying around, so I came up with a little plan.


Did you ever make up a club when you were a kid? I did. With my cousins, Kelly and Kyla. It was the COOLEST club. Are you ready for this?


Can I get a whoop whoop from any other girls in their mid- to late-thirties or early forties??

I didn’t take gymnastics a day in my life, but man, MLR was awesome.

Never mind that the club was super exclusive and I hurt my cousins’ feelings and was super bossy.


Here’s what you do:

1.) You “invest” any amount of money you choose. From $1 to $25.

2.) You get 150% return on your investment to be used on Dancing Elephant merchandise this summer when we’re in the States.

For example. You donate $10 now. In June, we sell the stuff from Cambodia on the Dancing Elephant site, and you have $15 to spend. (Donate $5, get $7.50. Donate $12, get $18. Math is fun!) (Except now I’m second guessing that whole “150% return” thing. Did I say that right??)

3.) You are not only getting something fun from Cambodia, you are helping us make double or triple profits that we’ll dump back into The Hard Places Community.

We each get 2 suitcases and a carry-on to take to America, and we’re hardly bringing anything of our own (mostly camera stuff, journals, electronic devices, and a few clothes because most of ours are trashed). So we can stuff them full of stuff to sell! (and give away to some lucky folks)

I’d love to buy $200 worth of stuff. So I’ll “close the club” once we reach that goal. (Or maybe I won’t, because I promised this club would not be exclusive and I would not be bossy or make you cry.)

What kinds of things will I buy? ALL KINDS OF THINGS.

  • traditional Cambodian scarves
  • silk scarves
  • Cambodian hackysacks
  • bowls made from coconut shells
  • purses/bags
  • things made from rice/cement bags
  • Cambodia’s famous Kampot Pepper
  • coffee/tea
  • yummy spices
  • snacks made from dried fish (yum!)
  • jewelry
  • little kids’ clothes
  • things that smell yummy
  • lots of things with elephants on them
  • and lots more!

What would you buy (and I’ll make sure to get some of that!)?

If you’re interested, comment or shoot me an email, and I’ll give you donation instructions.

Then you just wait patiently for June when we’ll start selling stuff on the Dancing Elephant fb page (go like the page so you can updates when things go on sale!) and/or come Walk Against Traffick with us on July 16 where we’ll have even more stuff for you to buy!


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