sweet provision

So I got an e-mail today from a gal I’ve never met (online or in real life). She found my blog through my post at Missy’s and wanted to let me know that she has read Radical, loved it, has been meaning to blog about it, AND… would really like to help get the book into the hands of people who just can’t afford it right now.

“We don’t want anyone to have an excuse to not let God work in their life through this incredible book!” she said. “Just let me know if you find out that this is a need for someone.”

If you’ll recall from yesterday’s post, one of the 5 reasons for not joining the Radical Read-Along was, “You don’t have money for the book.” And then I suggested that you pray your heart out and see if God might just provide.


I love it.

And now pull your chair a little closer to your computer (or your laptop a little closer to your face, as the case may be), because we need to have a little chat. Just between you and me, okay?

If you honestly cannot afford to buy the book but you would LOVE to join in with us while we read, LET ME KNOW. Don’t let your pride stand in the way. Can I just tell you that I accept “charity” all the time? And I give it too. Sometimes we just need things. And God loves to use those times to humble us and show us how to depend on him and each other. It’s a beautiful thing really.

My new friend has “sponsored” two sweet people already, and they were both SO thrilled to see how God provided. And one of them made the suggestion that she could pass the book along to someone else when she’s done, then that person could pass it along to someone else, and so on. She even mentioned having everyone put his/her name and e-mail address inside the front cover, so you could see how many people benefited from the book.

You could do that.

And if you really CAN afford the book now that you think about it, please go buy it now. If you buy it, read it with us, and God doesn’t change your heart and life through his words and the author’s, I’ll buy the book from you.


And now, can I interest you in one last batch of painting pictures? Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

Gabe and Theara showing off their painting muscles.

Beautiful Pisey, the orphanage Mom (the director’s wife). This is the other side of the wall.

Even our awesome driver, Bun Ny, got in on the action. This guy is a HOOT.

Some of the kiddos climbed up on the bricks to paint. They’re crazy talented.

My view from the stairs leading up to the 2nd floor of the orphanage.

My view from the stairs of Sophann.

Look! I’m painting!

And we’re done! Not the paint color I would’ve chosen, but it did look nice after it dried. And they love it.

And I had to share this pic, because it touched me so deeply. Do you remember when we spent a Sunday afternoon picking lice out of the girlies’ hair? Well, here are Cheata, Sopheak and Longdich picking every last fleck of paint off Erin’s arms. They didn’t say as much, but I really felt like they were giving back to her for what she gave to them. Beautiful.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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