supporting our cambodian sisters

I had a great day with God yesterday–talking, listening, reading lots of words he wrote a long time ago that are still really fresh right this minute. Thanks for praying for me and for sharing your requests. Please don’t feel like you have to wait for a prayer post before you can ask me to pray for you. It’s an honor.

And thanks for the great response on Wednesday’s post! You bought out everything I had. But no worries! There’s more!

You can catch up here, but in a nutshell, two of my friends brought back some goodies for me from Cambodia, and I’m selling them here, because some beautiful women made them. Beautiful women who either voluntarily left the sex trade or who were being trafficked and have been rescued.

They do beautiful work, and I love that we have a chance to support them in this way, to say, “you are so valuable” (and also super talented and have really good taste).

Each of the following sets is $10 (that includes shipping to a U.S. address):

Set #7: dark khaki zippy w/coin purse.

Set #8: 4″ x 6″ pink flowered zippy w/coconut heart keychain. SOLD

Set #9: pale yellow embroidered cell phone holder w/coconut butterfly keychain. SOLD

Set #10 burnt orange zippy w/coin purse. SOLD

Set #11: coconut heart keychain, khaki coin purse keychain, stuffed yellow heart keychain.

Set #12: khaki coin purse keychain, striped stuffed heart keychain, Cambodia + cross keychain.

Set #13: awesome adjustable leather beaded bracelet, coconut butterfly keychain. SOLD

Set #14: very cool leather adjustable bracelet w/pink beads, wooden chopsticks. SOLD

If you’d like one of these sets, shoot me an e-mail, and I’ll hook you up. They went fast last time, so don’t hesitate!

In other news, these are the cuties I’ve been hanging out with this week. Katie and Julia are actually my first cousins (and this gal’s sisters), but they’re my daughters’ ages. They’re here from Arizona for their weekly summer visit, so I kidnapped them for a couple days and they’ve been hanging out with my girlies. And having a blast. Swimming, bike riding, soccer, nail-painting, cookie baking, Punky Brewster and Full House…

Aren’t they a hoot? I could get used to being a mama of five. 😉

Stay tuned next week for some cool book reviews, more stuff I’m selling, a homeschooling update, and all manner of additional excitement. Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “supporting our cambodian sisters

  1. Jen Hanson

    YAY! I was hoping you’d posts some pictures of all the girls. I love seeing them all together and having so much fun. So glad you decided to kidnap them – I’m sure K&J are loving every second of it.

    P.S. (yearly summer visit ;-))

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