so blessed in Cambodia

I’m sitting at the breakfast table with six of my favorite people. We’re all making fun of Doug. The banana pancakes are yummy this morning. Lindy opted for a fiber bar and Erin just doesn’t understand. “Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!”

After breakfast, we’ll be heading to Daughters of Cambodia, a ministry that offers women in prostitution a better life. The women come voluntarily and are given a salary and taught skills. I can’t wait to spend some of my $ on their beautiful handiwork.

Yesterday (Sunday) was an awesome day. We went to church and worshiped the same God in two different languages. “I am freeeee to run! I am freeee to dance!” It was UH-MAZING. Loved praising Jesus with my brothers and sisters on this side of the globe.

Here’s our team before church:

After lunch we headed to the state-run orphanage, gift bags in hand. They greeted us with shy smiles and led us into their big, open room where they sat in rows of all boys or all girls in order of height. We taught them Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah! and stood up and down on their parts. They LOVED it. And so did we. Gabe got some video and promises to share it when we get home. So awesome.

Gabe and Panha made a ROCKIN’ team sharing the gospel with those kids. Thank you for praying!! It was incredible. I can’t wait to share Panha’s story of how he met Jesus two years ago. Incredible, incredible, incredible.

We had the amazing privilege of helping our sweet girlies get rid of some of the lice in their hair. Lice is just a fact of everyday life over here, especially for girls with long, flowing locks. They pick the bugs out of each other’s hair on a daily basis. We sudsed them all up with tea tree shampoo, rinsed them off and picked nits and eggs out with little combs and our fingernails. They sat still for soooooo long.

Sophann took this picture. Great job, Sophann! Gabe gave his camera to the boys for quite awhile last night, and they clicked away. Somphoas, Sophann and Phalla did most of the shooting.

We know that one of our words for our trip is “Flexibility” and we got a taste of it yesterday. Bunny, our driver, couldn’t come take us to the state-run orphanage because his daughter got sick and he had to take her to the doctor, so Panha called his dad, who just happens to be a tuk-tuk driver. We got to take turns riding in the tuk-tuk. So, so much fun!

Well, breakfast is over, and Erin ended up convincing Lindy to eat not one, but two, pancakes. And Gabe has put his finger on the difference in the heat between here and Ohio. “Back home I feel like I’m getting BURNED. Here I feel like I can’t BREATHE.” Now Jen is here, and I need to go brush my teeth.

Talk to you soon!

p.s. More photos and fun accounts of our day on Jen’s blog!

9 thoughts on “so blessed in Cambodia

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  2. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    I’m reading with tears in my eyes. I love this kids and miss them!

    I wanted to bring home the two little deaf girls at the state run orphanage. What a contrast between the state run orphanage and the Asia’s Hope homes!

  3. amber

    Oh, sweet precious Marla.

    How my heart is smiling for you! I’ve been totally absent from the web lately, but I have not stopped praying for you and your trip.

    It’s amazing that you are finally there and are experiencing such awesome pieces of God’s huge puzzle.

    LOVE IT. Praying for you, friend.

  4. Elizabeth

    I will always remember you as the woman who called it a privilege to help young women get lice out of their hair. That is love, and you are so full of it. You. are amazing!

    I love hearing about your trip.

  5. Jennifer

    Oh, Marla, that picture of y’all taking care of the lice… what a precious, selfless way to love on those girls! Something we would never have even imagined being a need. Am loving ALL of your wonderful pictures! What an amazing journey you’re on!

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