shell-shocked (adj): shocked or confused because of a sudden alarming experience.

Around midnight last night, our family was fired as co-directors of HPC Siem Reap over a Skype call with the HPC board.

The reason: we have “lost confidence in our director’s leadership.”

We stand before God and all of you right now and say that we think this decision was unjust, unfair, unmerited. We honestly cannot believe it has happened. I am literally shaking my head back and forth as I type, wondering how on earth it came to this.

We told the board last night that we have no desire to drag anyone’s name through the mud–not the director, not any of the board members–and we are praying to God for strength and discernment to keep our word.

So we need time to process–and prayers for wisdom–to know what to say when to whom.

Our families, our pastor and his wife, and several close friends at our church already know details and have been praying and crying with us and for us.

We are working on a way to privately share what happened with people we love and trust and people who have invested time, prayers, and money into God’s work at HPC.

We leave in 10 minutes for 500+ mile road trip to South Carolina to visit my sister and her family (then to NC to visit my brother’s family). We had planned to wait to say anything until we got home this weekend.

But we’ve already gotten messages from people saying that the Board has already told them the news and shared their side.

We don’t want our silence to be interpreted as guilt. We believe we are innocent.

Nutshell version minus details:

We received an email from the HPC director on June 27 informing us that we would have three months upon our return to find a new place to live, that it was unhealthy to live where we worked.

We had a skype call with her that left us in tears. Many more issues arose.

I wrote a letter to the board on July 4 asking for them to intervene and hear our concerns. We believed they absolutely would. We were confident all would be made right.

No word from them.

We walked 10 miles on July 16 to raise money for the HPC Siem Reap center. We raised over $10,000.

On July 22, at 3am, we got an email from the board saying it was clear from my letter that we had lost confidence in our director. Zero of our concerns were addressed.

They told us we would need to step down for six months, seek counseling, and they would re-evaluate at that time.

Verdict without a trial.

Blindsided us. Yet we felt peace that God was in complete control, that there was no way this could happen, that truth would prevail.

We asked for a Skype call.

We started last night at 10pm. Our concerns were still not heard. Instead, they wanted to abandon the six-month plan and asked us to step down.

We said no. Our hearts are with HPC. We’ve invested in them for over 5 years. We just raised $10,000 for them. We don’t want to go. You’ll have to fire us.

And they did.

We are flabbergasted. And so many other adjectives.

We will board a plane next Sunday for Cambodia. It’s where God has called us to be. We will no longer have a home or a job. We will have to leave neighbors and kiddos we have fallen hard in love with.

We will be okay.

We are so hurt, so sad, so… everything.

But we feel peace that God is in control. That he sees this, that he knows our hearts, that truth will come out, that somehow things will be made right.

That he has a plan for our family.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

If you are close to our family and/or part of our support team, we will contact you soon.

(Closing comments but feel free to message/email us privately.)