sell, give, store, take {17 days!}

Have I ever mentioned the fact that I am easily overwhelmed? (and also easily irritated, easily amused, easily fill-in-the-blank–I’m easy)

Well. I am. And while I looooove the Art of Purging, and I even love the Fun of Packing, I’ll admit: this deal-with-all-your-earthly-belongings-at-once thing is getting to me. A little bit.

Some of you will have ZERO interest in this Inventory (with Commentary) Post, but I already know that my Purging Posts from Months/Years Past are some of your all-time faves.

So I thought I’d process all of this out loud just for fun. Fun!

The good news? We’ve been purging for a loooooooong time, so this whole Move-to-Cambodia process is waaaaay more painless for us than it might be for some (most) people. (yay, us!)

The bad news? It’s still a lot.

There’s not always a ton of rhyme or reason to our choices to sell, give, store, or take, but I’ll explain some of our decisions when I can. And no worries, I’m not going to list out every single thing we own (holy cow).

Here we go:

–Gabe’s car (this was the biggest thing–obvs–and we got a beautiful $3400 out of it. We put 100% of it toward Gabe’s school bill debt/paying off Ava’s braces. $1000 after that, we were DEBT-FREE! Thank you, Jesus!)
–2 old laptops.
–some camera equipment
–our kitchen table & my desk
–some books/DVDs
–I am drawing a complete blank. Did we sell anything else??

–4 globes (the hardest thing for me to let go of–I gave them to 4 very special people)
–our couches (they were hand-me-downs, so we’re giving them to a neighbor family)
–beds, desk, dresser, corner table, computer table, desk chair (giving these back to the parents to whom they actually belong)
Dancing Elephant supplies (to cousins)
–a boatload of don’t-fit clothes/shoes and completely random things (that aren’t really even great enough to give to neighbors or friends) to the thrift store
–a bookshelf to the tutoring apartment
–food & spices to neighbors & family
–kitchen stuff to neighbors/family/thrift store
–our van (that was given to us when ours was stolen) to a dear friend
–anything for winter (coats, hats, clothes) to friends or thrift store

(The only things we’re storing are items of sentimental value.)
–girls’ baby books & quilts Aunt Bethany made them
–home videos & photos (LOTS of photos)
–letters from people we love
–old taxes (super sentimental)
–a few keepsakes to remind us of grandparents
–humongous canvas of our children when they were 5, 4, and 0

(We’re taking LOTS of stuff that might be hard to find in Cambodia–toiletries & other supplies–but I’m just going to list the stuff we already owned.)
–world maps
Banners by Bethany (I think I have 14 now. Hooray that they take up almost zero weight & space.)
–journals from the last 3 years (working on a couple writing projects that justify this)
–one 200-page photo album with 10+ years of photos
–13 Chatbooks (enter code WMP972HC for a FREE photo book!)
–our Jubilee Kate photo memory book (made by her mama)
–3 stuffed animals (including one very big tiger)
Settlers of Catan Cities & Knights, Ticket to Ride Europe, Forbidden Island
–card games
–essential oils
–wooden giraffes & hand-held globe from Kenya
–beads from Uganda
–some handmade ornaments from friends
–some encouraging notes from family & friends
–Gabe’s camera stuff (that’s small enough to fit in a suitcase)

Okay, so those lists make it look SO SIMPLE. SO EASY. And, as I look around at the complete wreck that is my living room, I’m going to keep telling myself that. This is so simple, so easy. No problemo.

So, yeah, I left a lot out. If you’re thinking, “But what about your _______?” just ask, and I’ll let you know.

8 thoughts on “sell, give, store, take {17 days!}

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      Okey dokey! The girls each have an iPod they saved up for and bought last year. They also share an iPad for unschooling. Gabe and I have MacBook Airs (for web design–him and writing–me). Gabe also has an iPad. We each have smart phones that will work in Cambodia (unlocked and will use a super-cheap SIM card). I have an old Kindle but have been reading e-books on my Mac lately.

      Hmmm… what else? Gabe has a nice Nikon camera (is that an electronic?) and we have a little flip video camera. We have an external DVD drive if we want to watch a movie on our laptops (we haven’t had a TV in over a year). And we have a couple external hard drives that went bad (and have all of our pics/video from our 2 previous trips to Cambodia on them–boo!).

      I think that’s about it. What else do you want to know?

  1. Sarah Farish

    You only had four globes? and I got one? That made me very weepy this morning.

    You teach me soooo much, friend. I looked around your apartment last week and thought…there’s nothing left; they’re really moving. Then, you list all this stuff, and I am thinking…I could not possibly even list my stuff. Keep sharing. We are all learning. LOVE YOU!

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      Nope. I mean, yep. Lots of tees & capris & flip-flops. It will probably be pretty difficult to find shoes for all of us but Nina (Ava and I wear a 10, Livi is an 11, and Gabe is a 12-13), so we might have people bring us new ones when they visit or when short-term-trippers come. We’ll buy new tees there, and we’re going to get some clothes made (we’ve heard good things about doing that).

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