quick update from Cambodia

Just finished breakfast and having a team meeting with Jen (our missionary here). Can I just say that Jen is AWESOME?

Today’s agenda: shopping for supplies/gifts for the state-run orphanage, lunch, organizing the 7 suitcases of supplies we brought from home (our luggage made it safely, and customs was a breeze–praise you, Lord!), boat ride with the orphans (a first for them! they are soooooooo excited!), dinner at Lucky Burger with all the kids (their favorite!), crash.

Oh, I can’t even tell you how much is swirling in my heart and mind. Wish I had time to share. Praying God keeps everything fresh in my mind so I can write about it when I get the chance.

Thank you for praying for my health. I was in tears last night because my headache and stomach cramps were so intense. After 11 hours of sleep, my stomach feels wonderful and my head is getting there. Praise the Lord!

The kids at the orphanage are so wonderful and beautiful. I have no words. I can’t believe I got to meet them (and spend a whole week with them). I’m awed and humbled and overwhelmed and thrilled. And hot.

Love you to you all! Talk to you soon!

p.s. Gabe has photos here!

8 thoughts on “quick update from Cambodia

  1. O Mom

    so good to hear from you, you sound excited…..Is your blog format different or just because you are not at home posting? (Oh like this even matters right this minute…… :))

  2. Marla Fletcher

    Yea girl!!!! Have a blast!!!!!! Looking forward to your words to describe your experience and to Gabe’s pictures!!!!!

  3. Lisa

    Still praying, Marla! Something tells me God has only let you get the slightest glimpse of what He has in store for you this week. I cannot wait for your next update! Off to look at those pics.

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