quick update before bed

I won’t have time to blog in the morning (it’s 9:30pm, and everyone else is in bed). Our tuk-tuk driver will be here at 7:30am to take us to the Boys’ Center for a pretty-much-all-day Christmas party. The kids (Livi, Ava, Nina, Garrett, Nathan) are super-duper excited.

Okay, so are their parents.

Lots of fun planned, and I can’t wait to see these kids’ faces when they watch the skits and open their gifts and eat their yummy chicken and cupcakes. JOY! Some of the boys have a hip-hop presentation planned, and I saw a sneak peek of it today. Dang, those kids can break dance.

Gabe and Panha are doing a funny skit. Will try to get it on video.

Keri and Scott are here, and we love them! No time for pics tonight, but will have many in the days to come. Our five kiddos hit it off instantly. So, so happy.

Did a little bit of fair trade shopping tonight. Fun, fun.

Off to get some good sleeps before a big, huge day. Night!

p.s. THANK YOU for all your love and encouragement on yesterday’s post. Can’t tell you how much it means to me.

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  1. liz

    So excited following your trip.. my son lives in Thailand and has done mission trips to Cambodia often.. I loved visting Thailand and hope to get back next year.. God bless you and your whole family…

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