praying for a second wind

I hit a bit of a wall this evening. Gabe asked me if I was looking forward to our last week here in Cambodia, and I glanced down at the mess all around me from unpacking from Thailand and trying to figure out where the rest of the stuff we brought with us is going to go, and I just sighed and said, “I’m done.”

“What do you mean, done?”

“I mean, I’m done. Stick a fork in me. I’m all out of steam. I think I’m ready to go home. I’ve got nothing left.”

“Do you think we should have done four weeks instead of five?” he asked.

“Goodness, no! Do you realize how much we have to cram into these next six days??”

And we laid down on our bed, closed the door (okay, other way around), and tried to process some stuff. Like the rest of our week. And all the days and weeks after that. We didn’t come to any conclusions. But, praise the Lord, we’re refreshingly on the same page (total answer to prayer), and ready to face whatever God has in store for us.

And I got a little wind back in my sails.

Our almost-four days in Chiang Mai were nuts. Not sure we could’ve packed another thing into our schedule, and I’m missing the sleep I didn’t get.

Monday: Landed at 1pm, our friend Faa surprised us at the airport, swam at guest house while waiting for our room to be ready, walked for 30+ minutes to a restaurant that was closed, ate at another one, walked around the city, hit the sack.

Tuesday: took a songthaew (pick-up truck with benches in the back) to a temple at the top of a mountain (Doi Suthep), bought some fun scarves as gifts, ate lunch at the place that was closed the day before, Faa and her kiddos picked us up and took us to their house for games and playing and dinner and worship, two hours at the Night Market with Faa.

And I really need a whole post (or four) for our time with Faa, because it was amazing. And before we left, one of her precious girls had a message for us. She spoke in Thai, and Faa translated, and I could have wept. It’s too special to share in a quick little bullet post like this one, but soon.

Wednesday: RIDING ELEPHANTS at one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to in my ENTIRE LIFE. Then lunch, a little rest, an interview/photo shoot with Faa (Gabe’s got a fun little project up his sleeve), the Chiang Mai Night Safari, Night Market again.

Thursday: Nina turned SIX! Chiang Mai Zoo & Aquarium, lunch at PIZZA HUT, Royal Flora (holy cow at the crazy flowers!) where we got to let go of a floating lantern(!), last time at the Night Market.

Friday: Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Phnom Penh, unpacking, tired tears from 2/3 of my girls, collapsing, writing a blog post.

Tomorrow is another zoo! With lots of friends! Then the orphanage. Then Sunday is church and something special with the kids at the orphanage. Then we’ve got a boatload of goodness to pack into four little days. Whew!

I really, really hope to have some more pictures for you soon. I know those are way more exciting than my words (they are to me anyway!). It’s just been hard to find a spare minute.

Will you pray that we’ll finish strong? That we’ll bring glory to God and make his name famous in the tiny bit of time we have left? Thank you, friends!


14 thoughts on “praying for a second wind

  1. eda

    Hi Marla,
    It was nice to spend some time talking with you.
    After looking at your blog, I realized that you are Jen Morgan’s friend! I know her also. We did an accountability group together for a while a couple years ago.
    Hope the rest of your time here is fruitful.

  2. Kim

    God showed me this today because I needed it. I thought you might like to hear it too.

    “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who in every respect has been tested as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore approach the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:15-16

    Praying for a strong finish, because girl, you have been oh, so strong, for so so long!

  3. Beth in Baltimore

    It’s very fun to see you mention many of the fun things in Chiang Mai that my in-laws talk about and show us pictures of. I can’t wait to hear about my son’s adventures after his trip in June! Blessings to you as you process, dream, and embrace what God has for you.

  4. ali

    Well, heck, I’m exhausted just reading about it. Praying for you and your fam. I’m sort of a fan of the get-on-a-plane-and-come-home-now solution but I think that might be because I miss you SO much.

  5. Rachelle

    God is faithful and you will finish strong. Already praying for gentle re-entry transition. You guys have blessed me abundantly this past 4 weeks!

  6. Dusty

    Dear Jesus in heaven, fill this entire family with energy, strength and courage to finish this trip with peace! Take any frustrations, exhaustion, anxiety about “schedules” or “fitting everything in” right out of their beings! Exhaustion and worry and 3 tired children can wreak all sorts of havoc on what your “true” plan is for them:) wrap them in your grace and peace to enjoy these last precious days!!!!! Amen! Big hug! Dusty aka (your table neighbor) at women’s retreat!

  7. Nancy

    I can’t believe you’ve been there that long already!! It’s going to take you guys that long once you get back home to process everything. Thanks so much for sharing everything you’ve been doing. It’s been a great adventure living through you. Get some rest and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You can do it!!

  8. Sharon

    Praying for a strong finish. I can’t imagine being in another country, esp with your kids, for such a long time. I’m sure it’s been exhausting and a mix of emotions.

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