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Friends. THANK YOU for praying for us. Man alive, we can feel it. We said good-bye to Pam & Britt last night, and it was brutal. Everybody’s feeling a little better this morning, but it kind of feels like we got hit by a truck.

In my last post I asked for three specific things. Healing for Ava’s toe, a place to live, and for our language schooling situation. Here’s an update:

1.) Ava. First, some back story. When we were in Cambodia three years ago, we had a big scare with Gabe’s health. (If you read that post, you’ll notice this is not Ava’s first trauma.) And Mercy Medical Clinic SAVED THE DAY. So, that’s where we took Ava. (I took my first solo tuk-tuk trip–well, with the girls–and it was a success!)

We got to Mercy, filled out a very short new patient form (and got to use our new address!), a nurse took Ava’s vitals, and we got in immediately to see a doctor. Long story short, he was awesome. He said I did a great job taking care of the injury for 3 days, to keep doing what I was doing (cleaning it, plastering it with antibiotic ointment, and wrapping it in gauze), and that it would fall off in a few days, maybe soak it in warm water to loosen it, and a new toenail would grow back.

Ava was THRILLED with the news. And so were we. And the $30 doctor bill was DREAMY. Thank you, Jesus!!

2.) House Hunting. A realtor (friend of some friends) took us around on Thursday at 9am. The first house we looked at? HOLY CRAB. We all knew IMMEDIATELY that it was our home. We’re on the third floor, and our landlord (a 74-year-old man and his adorable wife of indeterminable age) lives on the ground floor, and their daughter lives on the second. $450/month. 2 nice-sized bedrooms (the girls’ is big). Fully-furnished. Huge living/kitchen area. Big (for Cambodia) fridge. Washing machine.

I need a whole post to describe it all, and we’ll post pics soon! We have a HUGE list of things we need to buy, so we’re praying & prioritizing. And I’m trying super-duper hard not to lament all the things we could have brought if we’d been able to take two suitcases apiece (pillows, sheets, skillet, pan, kitchen utensils, etc.). God’s got this.

3. Language School. Right after we signed our contract for our new place (Friday at 9am), we hopped in a tuk-tuk and rode to G2K (Gateway to Khmer), a new language school for missionaries who want to learn Khmer. We met with the Director (we’d been in touch via email), and she shared more info about the school.

For the first 20 minutes of our meeting, I just kept silently praying, “Please, Jesus. Please, Jesus.” I held back tears and made plans to cry all the way home in the tuk-tuk. The school is very new and is geared toward adults. If they were to let our kids attend, it would set a precedent they weren’t prepared to set. She thought maybe (maybe) our two older girls could do it, but not a 9-year-old. I didn’t want to push, and I understood their dilemma, even though I have full confidence in our 9-year-old who is wise beyond her years.

The last 10 minutes of our conversation? Something happened. Something changed. I had a chance to gently explain that Nina is the smartest in our family and has been keeping up with her sisters for years. She told us she would talk to her staff and see what we could work out. I told her maybe we could just do a trial module (3.5 hours a day for 5 weeks) and, if it wasn’t working, we’d stop. It wouldn’t have to set a precedent. They could just tell people it was a one-time trial.

She said they would talk things over and try to make something happen. Maybe we could even do a special class with just our family.

PLEASE KEEP PRAYING that God’s will is done. We would love to do this as a family and do it at this particular school. So, we need favor and finances and friends praying.

That’s it for now! We’ve got some shopping to do, a washing machine to figure out, and a boatload of clothes to wash and hang up to dry in the happy sunshine.

Love and hugs and prayers, sweet friends!

5 thoughts on “prayers answered

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  2. ellen

    Tavianos all – so blessed to follow the posts as I had been wondering about you all. Our good God will continue to bless you all. I know about the excitement of answered prayer while you watch – saw it with drs. when Robert was in the hospital.. You just keep praying and we’ll keep praying and I believe they will set new precedent for you all. blessings

  3. Sharon

    Yay God! Excited about this update and can’t wait to hear how he continues to work things out. Praying for all 3 items still.

  4. Krysten

    I love this so much. Thank you, Jesus for all the great moments you’re giving my friends. So thankful for their new home and connections and (relatively) small medical bills when bad things happen. Thank you, thank you, for hearing our prayers!

    Big hugs, Marla!!! I am so so so very happy-hearted for all of you. Praying about the school situation. I love you.

  5. Stephanie

    I hope the school works something out for your family! It would seem to me that if they’re planning on working with missionaries who need to learn Khmer, it only makes sense that they would offer a youth-friendly program as well. It’s not like every missionary that goes over is single or just a couple of adults… Kids need to learn the language too, and I can see how a lot of parents would be hesitant about dropping their kids off at a Cambodian school everyday, especially in the beginning!

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