pray with us?

Three things on my mind & heart tonight before I head to bed:

1.) Ava. I won’t write out all the gory details of her injury yesterday, because I have a weak stomach. Praise Jesus for helping me help her in spite of my aversion to blood. (She ripped her big toenail half off in the pool. Three hours into our 24-hour getaway.) She’s still in some pain but not as much, and she’s walking pretty well. I’m playing doctor until we get her into one here in Phnom Penh. Please pray for the best possible results and minimal discomfort for sweet Ava.

2.) House Hunting. So far, everything we’ve looked at? We’re just not feeling it. And we’re pretty not-picky. Each place just has something that’s pretty not-okay. Either it’s too much per month or they want too much up front or we can’t fit on the stairs or it won’t be ready for 2 months… We’re heading back out in the morning (9:00pm EST). Would love your prayers that God leads us to just the right home.

3.) Language School. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this or not, but this unschooling family is seriously considering heading to school. All 5 of us. We super-duper want to learn the language (and have been advised by tons o’ people to do it first and do it well), and we found out about this awesome language school we would love to attend. We meet with the people in charge Friday to see if they’ll let us do it as a family (they’re not sure about our kiddos joining us, and we feel pretty strongly about it). Would you pray that a.) If God wants this to happen, they’ll agree to let us all go to school together and b.) God will provide the $ (it’s not cheap)?

THANK YOU, friends, for your love & encouragement & support & prayers from clear on the other side of the globe. It means the world.

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