pray for us?

We would love, love, love it if you’d pray for us while we’re in Cambodia. I know some of you have committed to praying for us every single day (wow). Thank you. Would some of you like to choose just a day to pray??

We talked about our trip at church yesterday, and lots of our friends signed up on a specific day to pray. We’d love to have at least 3 people praying on each day. Some are even fasting for the day (or a meal). It’s totally not a requirement to fast. (And if you pick Christmas or New Year’s AND you fast, you are a super hero–or just plain nuts–please don’t anyone fast on Christmas!).

If you see a day, you like, please e-mail me here, and I’ll add your name to the list (+ do my best to send you a reminder e-mail before your day comes).

Thank you so much, friends. You really have no idea how much your prayers mean to us!!

December 11: Ellen, Bethany, Amanda
December 12: Comfort, Ali, Amy M, Angela S.
December 13: Laurie, Amy B., Mandy, Nixie
December 14: Rikki, Kelly S. & girls
December 15: Tracey, Gail, Candice
December 16: Karen & Craig, Charity, Chris W
December 17: Doug & Rebecca, The H Family, Tricia
December 18: The K Family, John & Amber, Peggy
December 19: Megan, Kendal, Shannon
December 20: Nikki, Meghan, The S Family
December 21: Kristin, Deborah, Jennifer B.
December 22: Calvin & Valerie, Harlan
December 23: Mandie, Jon & Delaine
December 24: The B Family, The G Family
December 25: Connie, The S Family, Betsy
December 26: Chris & Linda, Shalla, Oline
December 27: Genie, Sharon, Lacey, Kathy
December 28: Kelly C., Megan T, Grace
December 29: Justin, The H Family, Mandy A
December 30: Amanda, Valerie, Britt
December 31: Holly, Valerie, Bill & Debbie, The M Family, Elizabeth
January 1: Becki, Sharon M, Andrew & Mandie
January 2: The B Family, John & Amber
January 3: The P Family, Tara, Beth H
January 4: Brooke, James, Andy
January 5: Carinne, Jackie, Pam
January 6: Dee, Shannon, Shayna
January 7: The McK family, Mary, Stephanie
January 8: Ruth, Krysten, Melissa
January 9: Beth, Joyce, Patti
January 10: Rhonda, The S Family, Jeanine
January 11: Tonia, The Shock Family, The H Family
January 12: Rachelle, Sue, Jennifer E.
January 13: Krisha, Holly B., Yuki, Erin S.

January 14: Margaret

Thank you, thank you, thank you, friends! SIX STINKING DAYS!!!!

33 thoughts on “pray for us?

  1. Sue Oda

    Marla, What a great opportunity and blessing for your family, but even more, what a great blessing you will be to those in Cambodia. I will be praying for your family. If you also need someone on a certain day, let me know. May your Christmas season be blessed abundantly by the Lord Jesus Christmas who is the source of all blessings.

  2. Jeanine

    I’d love to pray for you and your family on January 10. Praying for all the details as you get ready to go! May God bless you and keep you and give you peace.

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  4. sarah montanye

    sign the Montanye’s up for December 31st please. We actually pray for your family EVERY single day….make that about 3-5 times every single day. My little Cameron never lets us forget to pray for “Mr. Taviano and his heart and his family”. And she reminds anyone who is praying (whether at church, at snack time, Thanksgiving dinner table) that we can’t forget to pray for the the Tavianos. She’s a gem….you have a 4 year old prayer warrior 🙂

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  6. Krysten

    Hook me up with January 8th, please. We will just be getting back that week from 10 days in India ourselves! (I wouldn’t be the least bit bothered if ya traded a few prayers with me for our trip as well!) so excited for you & the fam! AND that your man’s totally got the green light from the docs to make the trip. Seriously, God… Like we should gave expected anything else!? : )

  7. ali

    Is it super annoying if I tell you to assign me a day? I’d rather you tell me where there’s a need. And did you say SIX DAYS??? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

      1. ali

        Will you still be traveling on the 12th? I imagine so – want to make sure I’m praying specifically for travel in addition to general prayers.

  8. Sharon

    I’ll be praying for you all each day, but you can mark me down for December 19 and I’ll send up some extra prayers. SOOOO excited for you guys 🙂

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