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Thanks so much for your extra prayers for my emotional well-being. I super-duper appreciate it and have felt so much better today. Now that my head & heart are okay, could you pray for my stomach? Praise the Lord I’m not vomiting (oh, how I hate that), but I’ve made several more trips to the restroom today than I typically do. Ugh.

And sweet Keri got hit with something today too, but hers is coming up the other end. Fever, nausea, vomiting. She says she’s feeling a little better–please pray for complete healing.

And poor Ava. She had some sort of allergic reaction to a hot pepper tonight, and it started with her lips being on fire, then it spread to her face (big red blotches), then her eyes started itching and burning. We took a Batman tuk-tuk (craziness) to a gas station and got her some ice cream on our way back to our guesthouse, and some allergy meds, and she’s sleeping peacefully. Praise Jesus.

We had a delightful, but exhausting, day touring temples, starting with Angkor Wat at sunrise. We got all Tomb Raider and Gabe and Keri took some great photos. Will share those soon, but need to catch up first.

So, here are some photos from our Christmas Day Boat Ride and BB World Excursion. So much joy. This is right before we got on the boat.

Me with three of my girls–Sophy, Longdich, and Cheata, the three oldest girls in the orphanage. Complete angels. I love them like nuts.

Ava playing games with Sophea and Srey Lin. I was much more relaxed when the children were on the first level of the boat instead of the top. Swaying back and forth, railing about a foot high. Yowza. Very faith-testing.

How handsome are these dudes? Goodness gracious. From left to right: Somphors, Theara, and Phalla. Love them like nuts too.

Getting to and from the boat was a little precarious. There were a couple times when I wasn’t quite sure the boards were going to hold me. I had a kiddo on my back on the way there. Decided against it on the way back.

Livi with beautiful Rebekah and Srey Rose post-boat ride, pre-BB World.

The fine folks at BB World were uber-accommodating (which is more than I can say for the 10+ customers that cut in front of me in line–figured out a little slowly that there aren’t “lines” per se at BB World–first push, first served). We loved watching them enjoy their fried chicken, fries, Cokes, and ice cream cones. Cracked me up to order 37 ice cream cones. Cracked me up even more that it cost just $9.25 for all of them.

Gabe with two of his buddies, Phalla and Somphors. He got to sit in a booth with those two and Sophan, and they had a swell time of male bonding.

We get to see all of our kiddos again tomorrow. They’re in Siem Reap on holiday (funded by some amazing, generous people). All 5 Prek Eng (Phnom Penh) orphanages and 7 from Battambang. Roughly 240 kids + “parents” and other adults. I’d imagine this is the first time any of them have ever been here, and I’m so excited for them. We get to go see their Christmas program in the morning.

Temple pics, etc, coming soon!

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      1. Sharon K

        I think you are brilliant, you are just tired 🙂
        I LOVE all of your updates. I pray for you everytime I think of you. Love you friend! I canNOT wait to sit with you over a meal 😀

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