pictures from Cambodia!

I’m soooooooo excited to finally share some pictures with you!! Gabe has taken TONS, and they make my heart go pitter-patter! Soooooo thankful for technology and how God can use it for good, good, good. Praise you, Lord.

Here’s the pic from our first trip to the orphanage. We’d only been there 5 minutes maybe. So many hugs and hellos. I’ll be honest though. Our first evening there was a little rough for me. I didn’t feel well, and I just felt unsure of my place and what I was supposed to do and will they like me? and do I have to play Simon Says or can I just keep taking pictures? (Gabe and I share camera duty, so we can get some pics of him too.) I actually cried before I went to bed that night.

But Saturday was a NEW DAY. And it was awesome. And if I keep repeating myself on the blog, I’m so sorry. I’m not really taking the time to think or edit or any of that.

Here we are getting on our boat. BEST BOAT RIDE EVER. Not that I’ve taken a lot of boat rides, but I was in heaven the whole entire time. And the bonding between all of us and the kids? Completely new level of awesomeness.

Getting on the boat. Fun times ahead!!

This is Panha, our translator. Most awesome 17-year-old ever. Team 1 fell in love with him and so have we. Amazing, amazing, amazing kid. Loves Jesus. Plays a mean electric guitar. Tells very funny tricks.

Group pic after the boat ride. Everyone is sooooo happy!!

Kimmy and little Sopea.

Sompoas is the oldest one at the orphanage. LOVE him. He’s sweeter than sweet.

Sompoas, Gabe, Sophann, Doug, Senghong. Love, love, love this pic.

Best game EVER. The Name Game! Clap, clap, snap, snap. Erin, Sophann! Sophann, Srey Lin! Srey Lin, Ma-la! Ma-la, Srey Mich!

I have a new name. Ma-la. When I was in Japan, everyone called me Mala, because the letter R is just too hard to say. Especially with an L right beside it. I love being Ma-la and may change my name legally when I get back. (I wonder if is available.)

My favorite part was when the boys and I would just go back and forth for awhile. Ma-la, Seyha! Seyha, Ma-la! Ma-la, Seyha! Seyha, Ma-la!

Sooooooo much more to share soon! Getting ready to head to church now. OH! And Jen blogged about our day too with lots more pics and info. Check out her blog here.

Again, please pray for Gabe as he shares the gospel at the state-run orphanage (3:30 am EST!).

Love you guys! Thank you for praying!!

10 thoughts on “pictures from Cambodia!

  1. Amanda Pride

    Love your honesty. Praying you absorb all that God has for you! Thx for sharing the pics. They brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Patti HIlt

    Prayers Prayers for you, Gabe and teams. John Mc’s blog has touched many during his family’s visit notw you
    are sharing great info and pictures. What an awesome God we serve continues to take the mpossible and make it possible.

  3. Lisa

    Those beautiful faces make me breathless. I can’t even imagine being able to look at them without the barrier of a camera. I would forget how to speak!!! God is THERE and I can’t help but think He’s mighty glad you are, too!

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