photos now, words later

The delightful crew that met us at the airport after midnight.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a lifetime (okay, 18 months).

I love the shots Gabe takes from the tuk-tuk (this one’s a triple exposure deal).

Melt. Everyone finds Nina extremely kissable here.

I love how Gabe loves on these girlies.

Panha leading some of the boys at the Boys’ Center. Can’t wait to share their stories.

I totally dominated this game. (cough cough)

We’re off to go shopping with our friends Yvonne and Ruthie before Ruthie leaves for the States this weekend. I’m hoping to find a few treasures for the Boys’ Center, and the girls want Angry Birds t-shirts. Who knew that those freaky little squawking birds would be so huge over here? What the what?

I’ll be back with lots of words soon. Running on very little gas. Ava was sick all day yesterday and took a 7-hour nap, which led to insomnia all night, which led to a tired mama keeping her company.

Thank you so, so much for your prayers and encouragement. We love you millions!

10 thoughts on “photos now, words later

  1. Keri

    Boys and I are soaking in every single picture you post!! Can’t wait! Will snag Angry Birds stuff if I see any between now and then. Love you!

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