painting project (part 1)

I wish I could show y’all every single picture we took in Cambodia.

Maybe I will.

And maybe by the time we’ve plowed through all 3,000 of them, we’ll have enough money saved to go back and take more. (We’re up to $35 in our Mission: Cambodia envelope! Woohoo!!)

We were super-privileged to get to paint the entrance wall to the orphanage (front and back) while we were there. And we had a blast doing it. (Okay, so I appointed myself the official photographer and only painted for 15-20 minutes at the very end, but whatever.)

First of all, here’s a pic of the entrance to the state-run orphanage. If you remember (or not), we got to go there for about an hour on a Sunday afternoon and teach them songs about Jesus. Then Gabe gave a 15-minute gospel presentation (with Panha translating). Then we passed out gift bags to all 120+ kids.

I show you this picture so you can see the contrast between where these kiddos live and where our kiddos live.

I so wish we could’ve shown up there with some snazzy paint and added some beauty to their home.

Here are Theara (nickname Ra), Sophann, Gabe, and Sothourn taking down the mailbox so we could paint the wall. The older kids were on vacation (they go to public school, and the younger kids go to the Asia’s Hope school), so they got to help us paint. (The girls were busy preparing lunch most of the morning.)

This pic gives you more of a feel of where the orphanage is located. Down a dirt road, very humble but very nice for Cambodia and perfect for our kiddos.

They got the stubborn thing off! Score!

Here’s Sophann sneaking into my Before shot of the wall. These kids love to sneak into pics whenever they can, and I love them for it.

The kids were scratching words on the wall before we (and by we, I mean they) painted, so I wrote MARLA. Sophann added the “+Gabe.” Love it.

Here’s a Before shot of the other side of the wall, but it’s not very good (obviously) with all those sunlight splotches everywhere. Oh well.

And because all these young teenage boys looked so eager and handsome I made them smile for some individual portraits. They humored me.

This is Somphoas (Som-PO-uh).

And Phalla (Pah-LA).

And Sothourn (So-TURN).

Aren’t they stunning? And I know they’re only 13, 14, 15, but I’m praying for them to keep learning (at school and about Jesus) and to find godly Cambodian wives someday and make an amazing difference in their country for Christ.

They were rescued from some pretty awful stuff (you can read their stories here) and I praise God for bringing them to Asia’s Hope’s Prek Eng 3 orphanage.

I’ll show you the finished project next week! And don’t forget about the Radical Read-Along starting in September! We’d love to have you join us!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “painting project (part 1)

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  2. laura


    So happy to have found you . . . and already LOVE you! Love your words, your truth, your heart. And loved the pics of Cambodia. What a powerful visit–life changing, right? I often feel like it’s me who is more impacting than THEM, ya know?

    Will stop by again!

    Love, Laura

  3. gitz

    I love that you captured their sweet hearts and their strong souls behind their dancing eyes. It’s easy to see why you all fell in love.

  4. Kaye

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing stories from this wonderful project with your readers.
    Blessings to you today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

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