our last four days

Gabe asked me tonight to write down our schedule for the next four days so we can be sure we don’t miss/forget anything. So I’m going to kill two birds with one keyboard and call it a blog post.

Speaking of Gabe, quick story. He’s been begging me to cut his hair the past few days (something I’ve been doing for the last 14 years), and I finally gave in (against my better judgment). See, I’d brought our clippers from home (same ones I’ve used for 14 years), but I know the outlets/voltage are different here, so I was a little scared. But we’ve plugged in our laptop and battery chargers and stuff, so I went for it.

For starters, one of the prongs on the 1/8 inch blade thingy was broken. Dumb me didn’t think it would matter much. Cough cough. Didn’t take long to realize that certain parts of his hair were shorter than others.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. The clippers kept getting hotter and hotter in my hand… and then they blew up.

Like a big ol’ bang (at 11pm), and they were toast. So, we pulled out my stash of pink and purple razors and some shaving cream and went to town.

For the first time, he’s getting more attention than cute little pale-faced, blond-headed, pudgy-cheeked Nina.

Today was a great day. Worship this morning at Gospel Commission Fellowship with Narin and Quenie and a bunch of new friends. I got to talk to a sweet gal named Eda who has three kiddos who are 11, 9, and 6, just like ours. She homeschools her younger two, and her oldest just started going to school here this year. She wants to be a writer (the daughter, not the mama).

There was an 18-person Asia’s Hope team from Sydney, Australia at church too. I got to talk to Angelo and Ann(e) and tell them all about what we’ve been up to. We promised to visit them when we come to visit you, Nixie!

After church we walked to the Russian Market (no, I have no idea why it’s called that–I have yet to see any Russians there) and bought some t-shirts for some of our tiny-to-small friends back home.

Then sweet Pu Heng tuk-tuk’ed us to Central Market where we met up with 23 kiddos and 4 adults from the orphanage and treated them to a mini-shopping trip ($5 for each kid, $10 for each adult). Thank YOU for donating money to make this possible (Asia’s Hope Taviano Activity Fund–remember that?). They were so adorable and so excited to get new shoes (!), shirts (!), and watches (!).

Then we went to Pizza Company for pizza, wings, and Cokes. So, so yummy and so, so much fun! We get to see them Tuesday and Thursday for about 90 minutes each time, and that’s it. Too sad to think about.

Then we came home and packed up some stuff and organized a bunch. Fun times.

Okay, our next four days:

Monday: 8:30am: Go to Kingdom Creations and pick up the little ID wallet/coin purses we special-ordered. Head to Boys’ Center to deliver the last of the supplies and pick up our suitcases. Lunch with Narin (and Quenie?). Gabe might do some photography around the city while we…? Dinner with new friends, Steve and Kim and their two boys at Freebird (a College Station knock-off perhaps?).

Tuesday: Morning: maybe one last shopping trip to Russian market. Lunch: Yvonne’s b-day at Pizza Company. Orphanage at 3:30. Ice cream at Blue Pumpkin for Yvonne’s b-day.

Wednesday: Gabe–photo shoot with Daughters of Cambodia. Boys’ Center opens up after break. Hang out with boys. Lunch somewhere fun. Kids’ Club. Hopefully dinner with friends at Mike’s Burgers.

Thursday: Boys’ Center most of the day. Orphanage in the evening. Cry a lot. Home for a bite to eat and showers. Leave for the airport at 10pm. Hop on a plane with much less luggage than we brought (hallelujah!) at 11:50pm. Ohio-bound!

I feel like I forgot a lot of important things. Oh, well. At least this is a start. I can’t thank you enough, friends, for praying us through this trip. You have no idea how much we felt it. Like crazy. Bless you all so much!

11 thoughts on “our last four days

  1. Rachelle

    I just want you to know that I prayed my little heart out for you yesterday(12th) and in the middle of the night last night or today or whatever day it is in your head! Today praying for rest for you.

  2. Kelsey

    I was just sorting through some boxes in the basement and found some mementos from my trip to Cambodia in college, including a card from the Blue Pumpkin — yum! 🙂 I’ve loved all your pics & following along with your trip. Enjoy the last few days!

  3. Shannon Wheeler

    Thanks for bringing us along on this missions trip. It’s a blessing for sure!

    I had a hair-styling appliance blow-up in Ukraine myself with the converter thingy… and then went the rest of the time wtih bedhead. (First world problems, right?)

    God bless you guys BIG for the love you’re showing overseas and inspiring here at home!

    Oh, cool side-note: Ilia, the refugee girl you sent a gift to in Atlanta is moving to my town on Sunday with her whole family! Maine-bound! God is super-cool! I fell in love with these kids on our missions trip and who knew months later, they’d move from Ukraine and end up my neighbors! The Lord is amazing!

    Believing the story is still in early pages for your life as it is being poured out overseas for the glory of Jesus.

  4. John McCollum

    The market — Psar Tuol Tompong — was popular with Russian expats in the 1990s. It was, reportedly, one of the only places you could buy imported goods at the time, and picked up the name thusly.

    Phnom Penh has lots of cool markets. I can’t wait to get back there in June!

  5. Claudia Porpiglia

    Tell Gabe the haircut looks good. Sometimes a mistake can be a good change. 🙂

    Praying for you as your trip winds down and you prepare to return home. It has been so exciting to see God’s hand in this trip and I am sure that your girls have learned a lot!

  6. Elizabeth

    He doesn’t look too bad as a bald guy!

    I can’t believe your trip is almost over. I’m sad for you:( But I’ve loved reading about it, and the pictures, oh the pictures. Just makes me so happy for you guys.

    Enjoy the next few days! Love you all!

  7. ellen

    will definately be praying for your return – peace and calm to outway the sadness of leaving friends and a piece of your hearts – also for your adjustment and peace at living back in Ohio —
    can’t wait for the book about the trip LOL

  8. Sharon

    Wow, it’s hard to believe you guys will be coming back home so soon! Praying for a good rest of your time and safe travel. In Colombia I tried to use my curling iron. I wound up melting part of the shelf I had set it on to warm up. Ooops!

  9. Tug Taviano

    Cant wait til Friday, but glad it has been everything you guys prayed for! I am watching a Dallas Cowboys special on how their jerseys and merchandise are made at seatex and Britght sky…which has alot of sexual harassment and is basically a sweatshop…Can you get me a jersey…just messin

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