nine nudges {let's fight human trafficking}

I’ll be honest. Today wore me plumb out. My big plans for an exhaustive list of resources for fighting human trafficking? Yeah. Well.

Instead, here are Nine Nudges, a hodgepodge of ideas and organizations and what have you to get you started down your own path to fighting the evil of human trafficking in our world today.

Again, you don’t have to do all nine. Just read through them, see what stands out to you, ask God to show you where he wants you to focus your time and energy.

1. Listen to yesterday’s Midday Connection interview (I’m on the 2nd half, but listen to the whole thing if you have time.) and read this post.

2. Take a minute to consider how pornography and human trafficking are inextricably intertwined. A reader commented about this yesterday, and I linked to this must-watch video.

3. Care for orphans, and you’re fighting human trafficking. Our friend, John McCollum, is the Executive Director of Asia’s Hope, an organization that rescues orphaned children (orphans are some of the most at-risk for trafficking in the world). Asia’s Hope is an amazing organization to give your dollars to, and here are some great posts from John that tell more about the important work they do.

4. Check out my friend Krysten’s jewelry business, Fancy Freedom Designs. She’s a 2nd grade teacher by day and designs/sells jewelry by night. 100% of her proceeds go to Doma, an organization fighting human trafficking right here in Ohio. Buy her jewelry or be inspired by her to make your own.

5. Buy some Valentines from The Dancing Elephant. Bless some friends on V-day and bless some kiddos in Cambodia at the same time. (And the girls are giving away some monogrammed notecards when they get to 700 likes on their Facebook page.)

6. Download a FREE e-book from Free Them Today. Moody Radio has put together a great list of resources for getting involved. I really love the list of ways to pray.

7. Be more conscious about who’s making the stuff you buy. Are they slaves? This is something that is zero fun to think about but oh, so important. Here’s an Ethical Shopping Guide to get you started.

8. Read some important, eye-opening books. Like Half the Sky. And Refuse to Do Nothing. And The Locust Effect. And The Exodus Road. And Deepening the Soul for Justice. And We Dream of Cambodia. (I’ll send you the PDF for FREE. Just shoot me an e-mail here.)

9. A21 is a great organization seeking to end injustice in the 21st century–check out their list of 21 Ways to Get Involved.

Friends, I just want to get this conversation started, get the momentum going, and KEEP it going, all for the glory of God. May his will be done, may HIS KINGDOM COME. And not just in heaven, but ON EARTH. Right here, right now.

There’s no time like RIGHT THIS MINUTE to get moving on this thing. Hit your knees, then let’s hit the road. Together.

2 thoughts on “nine nudges {let's fight human trafficking}

  1. Krysten

    Thanks for including Fancy Freedom on this list. It’s still amazing to me that a simple necklace or bracelet can be what starts a conversation about human trafficking, spreading awareness and raising some funds at the same time. This jewelry line is proof that each one of us can use anything we have/do to start fighting trafficking from right where we are, right now. Love you friend!!

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