night of hope

It all started when I “happened” upon this really cool t-shirt. I loved the story behind it because it echoed my own heart for those who are being trafficked around the globe.

And then, lo and behold, I find out that She Has a Name is connected with As Her Own, the amazing ministry my friend Amanda has been talking about and is deeply involved with.

And then lower and beholder, I find out that Karen Shock (the woman behind She Has a Name) lives 10 minutes from me. Are you kidding?!?

And then this guy came out of “nowhere” and wanted to donate money to Harbor House in Haiti, and he just so happened to own the t-shirt company that made the She Has a Name t-shirts. And he’s Karen’s son-in-law! So confusing, I know. (Read the cool story here.)

And now Karen and I are friends (she’s AMAZING–41, gorgeous, homeschooling mama, grandma! Gabe and I had lunch with her and her husband–LOVE THEM!–Gabe is helping them with their website), and I’m THRILLED to help her promote this really, really awesome event that’s happening THIS SUNDAY IN COLUMBUS, OHIO.

If you live anywhere close to C-bus and you’ve been looking for a tangible way to get involved with putting a stop to human trafficking, THIS IS IT. An amazing opportunity to hear from some crazy-awesome people who are right in the trenches of this stuff here in Ohio and around the globe.

Find out more info on their Facebook page and let me know if you have any questions.

I’m just darn excited about it. SO STINKING EXCITED!!! Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “night of hope

  1. Krysten

    I was at Night of Hope last night as well, and it was incredible! I’d had a brush with Doma once before when Julie Clark presented a HT 101 class at our church, but last night hearing about all of those incredible people working through different organizations for the same amazing purpose….that was over the top. I already emailed to sign up for Abolition U, a class offered by Doma to learn more about fighting trafficking and to help learn where I might fit into the whole movement. When I left there last night, I just kept praying I WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! Good thing God doesn’t get mad when I yell my prayers.

  2. karen shock

    Just an FYI… we have decided to open up the exhibits and food at 3:30 instead of 5:00. This is because of the HUGE response we’ve been getting… people are truly coming from all over!! That being said, if you are coming… come early to make sure you get a seat :)!!! Thanks so much for posting this Marla… so grateful for your friendship!

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