more pics from cambodia

No time for many words this morning, so just some pics.

Lunch at Boat Noodle with the Jenkins fam.

Christmas party at the Boys’ Center.

Gabe and Panha doing a funny skit.

Etch-a-sketches for Panha and Veasna for Christmas. So exciting!

Heading out for another big, fun day. Taking supplies to the Boys’ Center, worship with the staff, lunch at a restaurant on the river, visiting Daughters Shop, Tuol Sleng genocide museum, dinner at Mike’s Burger House with all our friends, fun along the river.


More pics later!

2 thoughts on “more pics from cambodia

  1. Rachelle

    You all look like you’re fitting in to Cambodia very well! It’s been fun thinking about what time it is there in contrast to what time it is here (MST). Praying for you as you sleep!

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