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Heading out in just a bit to an indoor playground with lots of boys from Punlok Thmey. It’s a special Christmas treat. None of them have ever been there before. I hear it’s amazing, and you even have to wear socks!

We’re out in the courtyard and I only have 6% battery (w/no place to plug the laptop in), so I will hurry, hurry, hurry! Livi is beside me sewing a hole in her new soccer jersey since her mama is homemaking illiterate.

A couple days ago we went to Bloom, a beautiful cafe run by a sweet organization that rescues young women who are being trafficked. You can’t take pictures inside, but the cakes and cupcakes are  UNBELIEVABLE. They get business from the richest of the rich here in Cambodia because their work is incredible.

Friday night Panha took us down to the river, and we stopped at the Night Market. Nina got an Angry Birds shirt. I tried to talk the girl down from $3 to $2 (because they were $2 just down the way) but she was having none of it. I stink at bartering/bargaining/whatever it’s called, and I’m too white to hide the fact that I can afford to pay $3 for a t-shirt.

Here’s the beautiful “God Bless You” banner that my sister Bethany made for the orphanage. They love, love, loved it. I hung it up for them at a little swoopy angle, but they next day they had re-hung it all nice and straight. It made me smile. For the most part, Cambodians like things to look nice and neat and smart (I’m a little too sloppy to fit in here.). I think it looks beautiful.

Savong and Pisey (the orphanage mom and dad) asked if they could feed us Saturday night after we taught English. Oh my word FEAST. Pisey and Longdich (the beautiful girl in black standing to my left in the middle) made us shrimp fried rice and noodles and homemade pizza (they went to cooking school to learn how to cook Khmer and Western food) and beef skewers and ice cold Coke. Wowza.

Can’t wait to tell you about our new friend, Ratanak, an amazing, amazing young man who has dedicated his life to rescuing God’s precious children in Svay Pak.

Off to Monkey Business. And battery… gone!

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