more cambodia color kits!!

Thanks for the great response to the color kits yesterday! Woot woot! We’ve got a lot of fun stuff for you again tonight. Forgive us for taking the liberty of extrapolating on the color kit idea to include some “theme” kits as well.

Here are the rules like always: first commenter gets the kit. I’ll e-mail you about shipping costs. All proceeds go to the Hard Places Community in Cambodia and to Livi and Ava’s Camp Fund.

And I didn’t include it in the photos this time, but each kit also includes 4 bills from Cambodia and 3 coins from Thailand.

Off we go!

#1: The World Traveler: $26. (contents include: a fair trade shopping bag by One Mango Tree in Uganda, adult size small t-shirt, plaid silk scarf, world map mini-journal from Thailand, 5 envelopes made from real Thailand elephant dung, elephant dung bookmark, coconut shell Cambodia keychain, American washer necklace/bookmark.) SOLD.

#2 Green with Envy: $28. REDUCED PRICE: $20. (contents include: Khmer Alphabet t-shirt child size 10, fish purse from Cambodia, mini-journal from Thailand, 2 handmade Cambodian cards with envelopes, bracelet from Daughters of Cambodia, Cambodian hackysack, washer necklace/bookmark.). SOLD.

#3. Groovy Grey: $30. (contents include: Cambodian fair trade scarf, adult large super-cool gecko t-shirt, child size 2T Khmer alphabet t-shirt, Daughters of Cambodia pencil pouch, grey/black washer necklace/bookmark.) SOLD.

#4 Elephant Lover: $26. (contents include: pink elephant t-shirt child size 10, elephant shoulder purse, elephant coin pouch, handmade elephant card/envelope from Cambodia, postcard from Masae elephant camp in Thailand, elephant dung bookmark and envelopes, wooden elephant from Thailand, washer necklace/bookmark.) SOLD.

#5: Feeling Blue: $22. (contents include: child size 6 t-shirt, 2-zipper pouch made from rice bag, fair trade coin purse, handmade Cambodian card w/envelope, fair trade scarf, washer necklace/bookmark.) SOLD.

#6 Cambodia-Loving BFFs: $18. REDUCED PRICE: $12. (contents include: 2 I heart Cambodia t-shirts child size 8–one for you, one for a friend!, 2 coconut shell Cambodia keychains.) SOLD.

#7: Mellow Yellow: $18. (contents include: adult small t-shirt, mini-journal from Thailand, keychain coin purse from Daughters of Cambodia, pouch from Thailand, washer necklace/bookmark.) SOLD.

#8 Angry Angry! $7. (contents: 14 Angry Birds erasers from Cambodia. The circle erasers are about 2 inches in diameter.) SOLD.

#9: Bohemian Rhapsody: $22. (contents include: grey scarf from Chiang Mai, shoulder pouch from Cambodia, coin purse from Thailand.) SOLD.

#10: Go. Be. Love. $22. (contents include: brand-new Go Be Love t-shirt from Visiting valued at $25, scarf from Chiang Mai, washer necklace.) SOLD.

Thanks so much, friends! Your love and support is invigorating! Thanks for helping us have so much fun raising money for Cambodia, Thailand, and camp!

p.s. Our Summer Read-Along starts Tuesday if you’re planning on being a part of that (I hope you are!). No reading homework, we’ll just introduce ourselves and have some fun!

33 thoughts on “more cambodia color kits!!

      1. Bill Montgomery

        Awesome sauce! Maybe I can coordinate with Gabe to meet up sometime this week and exchange the cash for the goods. Looks like fun stuff!!

          1. Bill Montgomery

            Classic! no worries! Just let me know the best time to connect and I’ll make it happen. Happy to swing by the house on the way home some night if that makes it better. No rush!

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    1. Marla Taviano

      So glad you’re having a great day!! If I were to add a little something special to your kit, what color(s) would you want it to be–more blue or something different?

    1. Marla Taviano

      Lorena beat you (Lorena, LaRonda) by one minute! BUT good news! We have another Angry Birds set!! It’s exactly the same, but the flip-flops (and one of the books) are different colors. Do you want it?

      1. Lorena

        Haha! I brought my iPad to use in the car on the way home!!! :0). Josiah LOVES angry birds so he will get those erasers for his birthday.

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