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At the risk of this next sentence sounding all spiritual and holy, I’m going to say it anyway. The hardest thing about being in a tough spot financially is not having the freedom and joy of giving to those in need. We’ve been the recipients of some Jesus-love (sounds so much better than “charity”) these past couple days, and while there’s something amazing (and humbling) about that, it’s soooooo much more fun being on the other end.

Giving is just addicting once you get going.

God graciously reminded me this morning that I DO have a way I can give! My stash from Cambodia isn’t gone yet! (If you weren’t around for the other “Bloggy Bazaars,” I bought a bunch of stuff in Cambodia and Thailand–some from fair trade shops, some not–then I sold it to all of you and gave the proceeds to the ministries we were blessed to work with over there.)

I don’t have exact figures handy, but we’ve been able to give hundreds of dollars to the Boys’ Center in Cambodia and G.R.O.W. (our friend Faa’s ministry) in Thailand. So exciting.

So here we go. This is the perfect opportunity to help some beautiful kiddos in need AND bless a special someone (even yourself!) with a unique little gift from a foreign land.

First come, first served. Tell me what you want in the comments (we’ll work out payment/shipping costs via e-mail). Thanks for being a blessing, friends!

#1: Fair Trade Scarves from Cambodia–$6 each. REDUCED PRICE: $4. SOLD OUT

#2: Little Zippies from Cambodia and Thailand–$4 each. SOLD OUT

#3: Fair Trade Coconut Shell Cambodia Key Chain (1.5″ x 2″–I have 6 5 2 of them) $3 each. REDUCED PRICE $2 each.

#4: More Scarves from Cambodia and Thailand–$6 each. SOLD OUT

#5: ID Wallets from Kingdom Creations–$4 each. REDUCED PRICE: $3. (3 blue ones left) Coin Purse Key Chains from Daughters of Cambodia–$3 each. SOLD OUT

#6: Adorable, soft t-shirts from Cambodia. Size 2T–$7 each. REDUCED PRICE: $4 each. (green and black tees SOLD)

I’ll be back tomorrow (Thursday) evening with some more stuff for my friends who don’t get to play on the internet during the day. Thanks, guys!

36 thoughts on “loving kiddos from across the globe

      1. Denise Dilley

        Ok, give me the red flowered id & the top middle coin purse, if they’re not already sold!!

        Thank you for offering these for sale. I wanted to purchase something when you came down to speak for the women’s event but didn’t have cash!

        Let me know my total & how to go about paying you!! 🙂

  1. Jess Carpenter

    #2 Would like one of the flower zippy wallets, and 2 of the elephants. #4 The dark red gauzy scarf

    Paypal me? Total for shipping?

  2. Shelly

    Hi! I’ll take the turqoise and pink scarves from #1 if they’re still available! Danielle, I have too many scarves, too…….well, maybe not too many. 😉

  3. Danielle

    Can I get the purple-pink-stripey-amazingness scarf in #1? My 2 favorite colors, stripes, and plaid all in one scarf, I almost can’t stand it! You don’t want to know how many scarves I have, but I do rotate them all through my wardrobe consistently.

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