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I didn’t want to be envious when Team 1 got to send letters to the kiddos in the orphanage via Team 2 (us), but I was. And then glory be! I found out that our friend Holly’s mom, Judy, is heading to Cambodia this week with a team from Asia’s Hope! And bless her soul, she offered to take letters with her!

What started out as “let’s write a quick note to each kid” turned into quite a little production with notes from each of the five of us, photos of us with each kid, some stickers, and a couple little trinkets.

Then we added notes from our teammate Doug and then some more from Sharon, a Team 1-er. We dropped them off on Tuesday night, and the Asia’s Hope team departed for Cambodia at 1pm Wednesday.

A huge thank-you to Judy for using up valuable luggage space to transport notes to our darling kiddos. And please pray that they arrive safely!

Here are some of the pics we included with the notes:

Man alive, those kids are awesome! Can’t wait for these three to meet them.

Tomorrow’s post: Scrabble letters in Cambodia. I KNOW!! Bliss infinity!

7 thoughts on “love letters

  1. Sharon

    Thank you so much for allowing me to send notes and pictures to our kids too!!! I get so happy thinking of them receiving them and looking at them as many times as I have gone over the ones I received! It makes my heart happy 😀
    Marla, you are wonderful and I am grateful to have you in my life.. you bless me, thank you.

  2. Stephanie your sister

    So many tan, beautiful faces! And my nieces are stunning (and possibly some of the tannest)! 🙂

  3. Kelli

    Um seriously, your girls need to stop growing! I cannot believe how much older they look in that picture!

    I have just LOVED every picture from Cambodia.

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