love in any language

Ten points if you have the words FLUENTLY SPOKEN HERE! in your head now.

(Five points if you have no idea what I’m talking about.) (Sandi Patty! Youtube.)

I just Googled the lyrics, and LOVE.

The sounds are all as different
As the lands from which they came
And though our words are all unique
Our hearts are still the same

Love in any language, straight from the heart
Pulls us all together, never apart
And once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear
Love in any language, fluently spoken here

Speaking of words from different lands, our friends in Cambodia have just released a gorgeous praise album in their native tongue. WE LOVE IT SO MUCH.
You can listen to some of it here:

I’m telling you, friends. This is some beautiful music. These people love God like crazy, and it comes through in their songs (that they wrote). It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak their language. It’s so Revelation 7:9-10.

I have 15 copies. You need one. Just $10 shipped for a CD + songbook.
AND a FREE “Sinner/Saint” t-shirt in sizes Large, XL, XXL, or 3XL (sorry, small peeps).
I’m also giving away 1 copy of the CD + 1 t-shirt to 1 lucky winner.
Just tell me your favorite Sandi Patty song OR your favorite worship song.

6 thoughts on “love in any language

  1. Jewel Romdenh

    Ohh my favorite song is also “Via Dolorosa”. How can I get a CD and book? My husband will be so surprised and LOVE it! There’s much less Khmer in America than there is English in Cambodia, so you can imagine his ache for his native language, perhaps worship and preaching the most.

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