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This post may be random, rambling, who knows. We’re in Joma Bakery Cafe again (which totally feels like “cheating” since it’s so Western–you’re even allowed to flush your toilet paper here). I’m trying to blog & eat quick, because we have to stop at the market and be back home by 1:00 so the repairmen can come back and work on our leaking bathtub some more (did I mention we have a bathtub?!).

(Bite, write. Write, bite.)

We’re leaving Gabe here to work on some websites, and I’m going to go home and work on a writing job for a bit. So far so good (and a little crazy) on balancing life & work & friends & ministry & setting up our life.

(And by “so far so good,” I mean, “we have no idea what we’re doing, and we’re taking one 5-minute chunk at a time.)

THANK YOU to everyone who is asking for our address, so you can send us a little care package. We’re working on that. We’re thinking we might get a post office box (I think it’s $15 for the year) and see if that works. I’m imagining it costs a million dollars to send things here, though, so your best bet might be to wait until we know someone who’s coming to visit.

Gabe found out some disappointing news today. The guy at Best Buy (in Ohio) told him he was selling him a global phone, but it’s not one. And he can’t get high-speed internet on it. (We got mine on Amazon, and it’s global & fast.)

My traveler’s diarrhea is completely gone! I feel wonderful. (Thanks for praying!)

Ava’s toenail came off! (with a little bit of coaxing but no pain) And it looks like a new one is already growing back in. (Thanks for praying!!)

Nina’s tooth is still loose, but she’s keeping her end of our bargain (as long as she eats & brushes her teeth well, we won’t make her pull it out–she is so, so afraid of losing teeth). (Please keep praying!)

We had visitors this morning! Savong & Pisey (house parents at Prek Eng 3) & their daughter, Rose. We got everything cleaned up & put away before they came (and by “cleaned up & put away,” I mean crammed into our bedroom).

Our home is big and bright and airy and lovely (and the price was right and it came fully furnished). It’s so perfect. (The dirt & bugs & construction noises are just part of life in Cambodia, so I’m not counting any of that.)

One of our biggest challenges here is eating/cooking/shopping for food. We’ll get it all figured out, but it’s kind of exhausting right now.

Okay, my time is almost up, and my soup is getting cold. We get internet in 2 more days!

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