life in acrostic

So, we’ve been in Cambodia SIX MONTHS already–wow!
Immersed in language study, drowning a bit, working on the side, busy.
X is always a fun letter in an acrostic–xylophone, Xavier?

Moto wreck for Gabe–healing has been a pain but could have been loads worse.
Ocean is beautiful–we just spent a 3-day weekend soaking it up.
New level of Khmer School (4!) is a beast.
Two rounds of visitors in one month with one more set coming in August–yay!
Hard, so hard, to stay in touch with everyone & be good at correspondence & love.
Still no clear vision of what our ministry will look like after language school.

It will, for sure, involve creativity & photography & sharing the love of Jesus.
No need to know details just yet–must. finish. language. school.

Constantly in awe of God’s provision & the opportunities he puts in our laps.
Always in need of prayer for family unity & wisdom & energy & focus & faith.
Mosquitoes are back after taking the dry season off to hibernate.
Beach air is so clean & fresh & amazing.
Off and on blues, kind of par for the course when you move across the world.
Desperately wish I had time to finish the e-book I started writing.
Introverted with lots of thoughts swirling, some of them, um, controversial.
Asking God for mercies each new morning.

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