let's keep that elephant dancing!

We interrupt the “Hey, so we’re moving!” saga (Read Part 1 and Part 2 if you’d like. Part 3 to come at some point.) to fill you in on what keeps us busy these days while we wait ever-so-patiently on God’s next steps for our fam.

(A friend posted a pretty little picture that said “Hustle While You Wait” on Instagram earlier this a.m., and I said YES! because that’s how I roll. That so sums up what we’ve been doing lately.)

So, The Dancing Elephant. Have you heard of it? It’s a little home-based non-profit run by three sisters (with some help from their mom and dad) who love Cambodia (and also other parts of the globe) and want to use their gifts and resources to bless some kiddos in need and share the love of Jesus.

The name was inspired by our friend, Faa, from Thailand. When she feels happy/excited, she says her heart is dancing like an elephant.


And, as of 8 days ago, they have their own Facebook page, and they’re ramping up the making/selling/giving and want to share it with all of you!

I’m so blessed and encouraged by everyone’s positive response and offers to help, and we’ve compiled a little list of ways you can do that.

Ways to Help The Dancing Elephant Help the World:

“like” our Facebook page. (we’re currently 10 likes away from 600, and once we hit that magic #, we’re giving away 5 fun prizes)

share The Dancing Elephant’s Facebook page on your Facebook wall.

donate any of the following items (e-mail me for our address):

**letter cards from Probe game (c. 1964)

**Scrabble tiles

**old maps, atlases, books w/maps in them

**your old scrapbooking tools (particularly looking for a corner rounder and paper cutter)

**double-sided tape & glue sticks

**gift cards to a crafting store (Michael’s is the closest to us–we also have Hobby Lobby & Joann’s)

buy the stuff we sell (and let us know what other stuff you’d like to see from us).

Just so you know, 100% of our proceeds go to ministries in Cambodia (and Kenya, Haiti, India, Thailand, the Philippines, etc.). The bulk of what we make goes to The Hard Places Community (where we spent lots of time when we were in Cambodia), and the girls also support two HPC missionaries ($20/month).

dancingelephantlettercards2We do buy supplies out of our proceeds too, but we make liberal use of coupons (as in, all 5 of us go to Michael’s with 50% off coupons and each pay for our 1 item separately), and we have a no-supplies-hoarding policy, so we buy it, use it, buy more.

When we feel God giving us the go-ahead to take another trip to Cambodia (tomorrow is the 2-year anniversary of the day we left on our 5-week trip–very bittersweet day for us), we’ll set aside a portion to help fund our trip, but the bulk of our $ will always go directly to those in need.

Right now we’re busting our tails on monogrammed thank-you cards. We have cute ones for girls and fun robot/monster ones for boys, and we can do Christmas-themed ones too for kiddos (or adults) to write thank-you’s for Christmas gifts. Let us know if you’d like to place an order!

They come in sets of 5 (w/envelopes) for $6 shipped. And we have all letters available.

dancingelephantlettercards1People have asked if they can donate $ to The Dancing Elephant. The answer is yes, but what would be really awesome is if you donated directly to the Hard Places Community. There is so much more they could do in Cambodia if they only had the $.

So there you have it! We welcome all helpful/constructive/encouraging words of wisdom/advice/love. And we’d love to answer any questions you have. If you want to send a private message, you can e-mail me here.

Thanks and have a wonderful day! And may your heart always dance like an elephant!

8 thoughts on “let's keep that elephant dancing!

  1. Teresa

    I also have a corner rounder and a small paper cutter. I also have some decorative paper that I could send as well. Let me know! I love how your family is serving through this ministry!


  2. Sharon

    I wanna place an order! Well, first, is it doable to have two letters on one card? (Like a “C” and a “G”) Having a joint birthday party for my girls and wondering if we could do one thank you card from both of them. If not, I have another idea.

  3. Kim

    I have a corner rounder for you. May have a paper cutter and some decorative scisors. Email me and we’ll work out details and I’ll mail it to you!


  4. Brooke

    so…..i’m trying very hard not to be greedy this holiday season. i like your “boy” cards and really want some for me. but i don’t wanna take them from someone who hasn’t order 4 bazillion yet. if they have plenty, then i’d like to order some. “B” or “F” would work – whichever you have more of.

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