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I feel the need to share with you the amazingness that is (are?) our friends, Britt and Pam. They are two of our dearest friends from back home (the place we formerly knew as home), and they made great sacrifices to join us for our first two weeks in Cambodia.

Their reward will be very great in heaven.

We met them four (five?) years ago and have grown super close in that time.We’ve seen each other at our very worstest worst, and we still love each other. They’re the kind of friends we can share anything with–which is a good thing when you’re going to be in close quarters 24/7 in a foreign land. We’ve been through lots together, and we’re beyond-words thankful for their friendship.

They made leaving America a little easier, knowing we were taking a piece of home with us. I don’t really want to think about Friday night when they get on a plane and head back, but they just might be ready for a little personal space and quiet after being with our fam so long. (They have neither said, nor hinted, any such thing. That’s just how I’d feel if I were them.)

As close as we are, there have still been some awkward moments. When one of our girls is being bratty (or one of their mothers is being bratty) or Gabe is in a bad mood or we’re arguing or someone’s being disrespectful, Britt and Pam have nowhere to go. They’re right there at the table with us or crammed in a tuk-tuk with us or whatever.

I’m telling you, rewards in heaven.

I had to apologize to them yesterday for my attitude. I had gotten irritated at Gabe and the two of them for reasons that weren’t their fault. We hugged, and they accepted my apology.

On a lighter note, we have had many a conversation over bodily functions. Discussions that might be way awkward for other people, but we’re all whatever. Why shouldn’t we talk about our bowel movement patterns and the color of our urine output? I mean it’s important that we all keep everything moving in our digestive systems, and it’s key that we stay hydrated in the 90-degree weather with lots of walking.

I won’t name names, but here are a few topics we’ve ruminated on.

Sitting on public toilet seats vs. squatting (we’re 6 vs. 1 on this one). The ability to poop in a public restroom (some of us have it, some of us don’t). Pooping in airplane bathrooms (and what to do if the first flush doesn’t get it all off the sides of the toilet). How light does your pee need to be for you to feel confidently hydrated?

How we feel about the Cambodian way of spraying yourself off instead of using toilet paper? (they provide tp for Westerners to dry themselves off & put in the trash can) What do you do when the sprayer at a restaurant is so hard/fast, it’s like one of those car wash sprayers that can rip your skin off if you touch it?

Etc, etc, etc.

Don’t you wish YOU were here in our guesthouse with us?

It’s been really cool to see Cambodia through their eyes and to have their input on decisions we have to make. We’ve been doing Common Prayer together each day (we missed yesterday), and we’ve stopped and prayed together when things get, um, difficult. May you all be blessed with friends like these two.

Thank you, Pam & Britt, for loving us so much that you’d do this with us for a solid two weeks. Maybe our last week together be amazing, and may you recover quickly once you get back home. And may your poop and pee be always in your favor.


9 thoughts on “let it all hang out

  1. Mallory

    Loved the car wash paragraph. Been there, done that! So glad you all made it and I hope your adjustment and transition continues to go as smoothly as possible!

  2. sabrina reinhart

    Oh the sprayers! We had them in Italy and Bahrain. I actually miss those! Happy you have such great friends with you as you transition. Praying for you all

  3. Joy

    Sprayers! My in-laws lived in Indonesia for 3 years and now love the sprayers. My sister in law even had one put in the guest bath for them. 🙂

      1. Dusty

        how can you possibly drip dry? I see the tp option is available, but wouldn’t everyone need it? It would take forever to drip dry?

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