just add water!

Hey, friends. I have a fun little project for us today. Our good friend Yvonne (who we met on Facebook then on Skype then face-to-face in Cambodia) is in the States for two months and heads back to Phnom Penh in early June. And I want to shower her with a little package of goodies to take back with her.

panhayvonneYvonne is like a million kinds of awesome. She helps run the Boys’ Center (and pretty much does run it when Alli, the Director, is out of the country). And she speaks beautiful Khmer (well, it’s beautiful to me, who speaks about 10 words). And she loves to smile and laugh and have fun. And she has a whole slew of gifts and talents that she’s using to share the love of Jesus with the people of Cambodia.

And all of this would be completely admirable and remarkable even without this one tiny detail: she’s completely blind in one eye and legally blind in the other.

She’s really, truly amazing. Really truly.

And I would love for some of you to help me bless her (and her teammates in Cambodia, many of whom we also know and love). I held her at virtual gunpoint and made her tell me some things that would be useful to her, things we can get easily here that you can’t get in Cambodia (or that cost 8 million dollars there because they were imported from a billion miles away).

Here’s what she said:

–instant pudding mixes (no citrus flavors)

–Maxwell House International instant cafe/latte

–NescafĂ© flavored instant coffee packets

–Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes

–Bear Creek instant soup mixes

–McCormick salsa, taco and pesto packets

–just add water muffin mixes

–a mango splitter

–a whisk

–Amazon/iTunes gift cards

And the guy in the pic with Yvonne is our dear friend, Panha. He and his family are super-special to us. Our go-to gift for Panha and his brothers is yummy-smelling deodorant. Their fave at the moment is Fiji old spice spray, if you feel led to bless some young men with deodorant.

So, here’s how you can help:

1. Buy a few of these items and bring/mail them to me. (I’ll send them all in one big package along with the other stuff I have for her.)

2. Buy a gift card to Target (where Yvonne went to make her list) and send it to me for her.

(I’ll let you know when we have a mango splitter/whisk, so she doesn’t get doubles/triples.)

E-mail me with questions. Thanks so much!!

2 thoughts on “just add water!

  1. Keri

    Ok, since I seem to be on a roll lately……I will definitely jump in on this one since I’m a big Yvonne fan! Sending a Target gift card your way! Email me your address…..I don’t have it for some reason!

  2. Cheryl Pickett

    I just thought of a quick tip about the mailing process that might help with this. Remember the current USPS slogan, “If it fits, it ships”. Pick up the priority mailing packages and that way you know ahead of time what shipping will cost. Then just make it fit 🙂

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