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Friends. We’re kind of overwhelmed right now. In a really good way.

Did you know that, when you’re getting ready to make a permanent move to a foreign country, it’s kind of like getting to attend your own funeral? People say such sweet, kind, affirming things. It’s like one last chance to tell someone you love them and think they’re great. It’s humbling and heartwarming and fun (and sometimes a little embarrassing).

(Don’t tell anybody that we’ll be back to visit and that we’ll still be able to connect online & stuff. We’re not actually dying.)

As I’ve mentioned before, Gabe and I have gone back and forth about how we’ll sustain ourselves and our ministry while we’re in Cambodia. We both have earning potential (web design! writing!), but we know we want to devote lots of hours and energy to 1.) learning the language 2.) learning the culture 3.) making new friends & 4.) exploring where God wants to use us.

So, we’ve decided on this for now: we’re going to try to raise $3000/month in support. (This will cover our housing, utilities, internet, transportation, food, clothing, health insurance, medical expenses, language learning, saving up for plane tickets back to U.S., & anything else that pops up in life.)

If/when we earn our own money, we will pour that into our ministry (and continue to support other missionaries/organizations). (Gabe is hoping to start a Business as Mission, training Cambodians to do web design/photography as a self-sustaining path out of poverty.)

We’ve been accepted by this sweet missions agency called International Outreach Ministries (IOM), and they’ll handle our finances for us.

Gabe has also set up a new website for us ( for people (you!) to keep in touch with us, pray for us, and support us financially if you feel God leading you to do that.

As of right now, we have $255/month in pledged support. It’s a long way from $3000, but we are so not worried about that (okay, so I’m inclined to worry, but God has proved over and over and over and over and over–this is not an exaggeration–and over and over that I don’t need to, so I’m done with that Worry Game).

AND CAN I JUST SAY THAT, as of two days ago, WE ARE COMPLETELY DEBT-FREE!!!!!!! (If you’ve been around these parts for any length of time, you know that this is a MIRACLE from HEAVEN.)

So, here’s a step-by-step What To Do If You Want to Support Us Financially:

1. Pray and ask God what he’d like you to give.

2. Go to and check it out.

3. Subscribe to our blog & monthly newsletter (for things we won’t share online).

4. Click the donate button to make a one-time donation or to support us monthly.

5. Accept our heartfelt love and thanks.

And, if you’d like to partner with us in prayer, YES. THANK YOU!!

If you have any questions or concerns (or words you’d share at our funeral), let us know! We love you and thank God for you every single day!

p.s. Had a sweet friend send us some money today and say, “It’s not much, but…” And I’ll tell you what I told her, “Any dollar, any penny given in love is MUCH.” So much.

2 thoughts on “join us on mission?

  1. Sharon

    It’d be super sad for me to be attending your funeral when I hadn’t even gotten to meet you in person!!!! But, HOORAY!!!! for miracle debt-free-ness. Congrats! What a wonderful feeling! (dancing on the ceiling…..couldn’t help myself)

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