Friends, I don’t know what to do with you. I just can’t get over the way you hear about something God is doing in some part of the world that’s nowhere near you, and you immediately JUMP into action. You fling your hand in the air and wave it wildly and yell, “Me! Me! I want to help! I want to get involved! I want to make a difference!”

Bless your beautiful, beautiful hearts. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not talking to you. Kidding! Take a minute to read yesterday’s post–and the comments if you’re so inclined.)

And this is the part where I admit that your response not only overwhelmed me in a warm, fuzzy, happy way, it also overwhelmed me in a, “Crap! I’m not prepared for this! How can I get everyone all the info they need and take advantage of their generous offers without freaking out over details I was already supposed to know and don’t?!”

Deep breath.

I’m posting this past midnight, because I just spent an hour chatting with my mother-in-law (she’s spending the night with us, and Gabe is taking her to the airport at 4am) and then two more hours chatting with her and Gabe. It was time well spent (and we solved several of the world’s most pressing problems), but now I’m really tired. And feeling even more overwhelmed.

So I’m asking you for your patience and grace with me. PLEASE do not let my disorganization or lack of timely response or overall cluelessness discourage you from participating in Traffick Jam 2011 in some big or small or GIGANTIC way.

I promise I will do my best to get you what you need and headed in the right direction. And I am just soooo excited to feel all these hearts beating with my own–and with God’s! Off to pray myself to sleep and hit the ground running tomorrow.

Thank you so, so much.

10 thoughts on “invigorated!

  1. Leigh

    I’m a little behind but I just emailed the Nashville organizer so I can participate. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Marla! You know how I love tangible way to help:) Hope things calm down for you soon!

  2. valerie (in TX)

    “Me! Me! I want to help! I want to get involved! I want to make a difference!”

    There’s no walk scheduled near me, but I’m wondering if I could get sponsors and walk ANYWAY! How cool would that be?! Hmmm, thinking and praying about how I could do that….

  3. Kathleen-NM

    So…don’t stress! It will all come together and its a really cool thing God is doing in and through his people.

    FYI- I hate to even mention this to you because I know right now you probably don’t want one more distraction…but…my 17 year old son just introduced me to a really fun game (app on iphone or other) and the First Thing I thought was, “Marla needs to see this one.” Hey might relieve a little stress, so lemme know if you are interested.

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