ineptitude magnified

I feel like all of my weaknesses, my struggles, the stuff I’m not good at are just super glaring right now. I probably see it more than others (Gabe, Britt, Pam, & the girls see it the most after me), but still.

Not trusting God’s provision and timing enough?


Worrying about what others think about our family?


Impatience? Insecurities? Indecisiveness? Introvertedness?

All glaring.

One week in Cambodia, and I’ve already felt like a loser, a party pooper, an old fart, a worrywart, and a Helpless Helga.

Time to spend some one-on-one with God and ask him to remind me who I am in him. I have a 3-hour bus ride tomorrow with time to hopefully do just that.

13 thoughts on “ineptitude magnified

  1. Sharon Meekins

    I just read all your Cambodia blog posts! I just love you so much! Please know that I’m thinking about all of you constantly! And, praying without ceasing! LOVE the instagram posts! Lord Jesus, thank you for the Taviano family! They are bringing much glory to your name!


  2. Chris

    We can be those things, insecure, impatient sometimes, but those aren’t who we ARE. You’re His daughter, a new creation. That’s who you really ARE!

  3. Gaylene Carpenter

    Had to smile at this and thought, “Oh, you are one of us.” Praying for you. And He can handle it all if we just let Him.

  4. Misty

    I’m still adjusting a year and a half later and we moved only one state away. I feel God’s support and growth daily, yet Satan still does his job of highlighting my insecurities. Sending love!

  5. Jamie

    of course you do. It’s EXACTLY what Satan wants to be feeling. DIVE into The Word, baby! SOAK it up! FLEE Satan, FLEE away from my friend!

  6. cyndee

    Was about to write what Krysten did. Every new step in life makes us feel inadequate – and this step was HUGE! Multiply that times the devil hating what your doing and yeah, go get with God! 🙂

  7. Krysten

    hang in there, girl! All part of the “new life” process. Every single thing in front of you is new and unknown right now. Who wouldn’t be feeling all these things!?? I love you, and how you’re always able to be honest about where you’re feeling you fall short, and how you always point back toward Him for your answers. He’s got you, and I know you already know that. Love love love you and sending a big hug across the world for you.

    1. Teresa Henry

      I pray God’s peace to cover you like a blanket today in comfort! “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” 1 Corinthians 12:9 Being weak is right where God wants us!!! Now he can shine through you! One step at a time! Everything you are feeling is normal.

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