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Oh. My. Word. I don’t know if my heart can handle all this excitement. First, the NEW BLOG DESIGN!! And now, the world’s most amazing BANNER!!

Be still my Cambodia-loving heart.

A little back story. My sisters (Jess, Bethany, and Stephanie) and I draw names each year for Christmas, and we typically give handmade gifts (mine always involve photos while everyone else creates gorgeous things with beads and yarn and fabric). This year we expanded it to include fair trade items, so I got Jess this gorgeous necklace from Noonday Collection. (speaking of Noonday Collection, GO ENTER YESTERDAY’S GIVE-AWAY!)

Bethany (of Banners by Bethany fame) had my name, and when she asked, “What would you like me to buy you, since I’m sure you don’t want another banner?” I said, “ANOTHER BANNER!!!” I only have three (happy birthday, give thanks, live simply). That’s hardly any at all. Oh, and my girls each have one (olivia, ava, nina).

I knew exactly what I wanted.

“Can you buy WORLD MAP fabric? And write ‘I heart Cambodia’ except with an actual heart? And make it pennant-shaped? Could you? Could you???”

She could.

And she did.


And holy cow at the awesomeness.

I love it so much I could cry. And while I am a firm, firm proponent of ENOUGH and NO EXCESS, I might maybe possibly be breaking my own rules when it comes to banners. Okay, and globes. But WORDS!! And the WORLD!!!

Do you see my dilemma?!?!?

Bethany is many months pregnant with my newest niece (due March 2), so she’s only taking orders through January 31st. You need to hurry!!!

She can make you a banner JUST LIKE MINE, but any country you want! Or you can do Cambodia, because I am SO HAPPY TO SHARE!! It’s big enough for all of us to love it!!

And here’s what it looks like on the back. THE WORLD! She used all ocean on the front (brilliant!) because of course the letters aren’t going to show up on top of Kenya and India and Estonia and all that. It’s a double-sided, two-for-the-price-of-one banner!!


Another great idea? Do you have a special word for 2013? Like DREAM or SERVE or GIVE or TRUST or GENEROUS or JOY or COURAGE or PRAY? Bethany can make you a custom banner with your word! Or your child’s name! The sky’s the limit!

(Prices vary by banner, but the average cost is $25-$35 per banner. And 50% of all proceeds go to GLOBAL MISSIONS!)

You can contact Bethany through her Banners by Bethany Facebook Page. Or leave a comment on this post, and she’ll get in touch with you. Or e-mail me, and I’ll give you her e-mail address. Just get your orders in quickly, ’cause she’s gonna blow!

Question for you: If you could get one word (or phrase or country) on a banner, what would it be? Dying to know!

22 thoughts on “i heart {insert country}

  1. gretchen

    Oh how I LOVE that banner! My phrase would be “Be Purposeful.” I need it, my kids need it, we all need it for different reasons. I need to be reminded to be purposeful in my walk with the Lord, in my time management and in my daily parenting. With such a cute sign, I would have a much better attitude about being purposeful. 😉

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  3. Sharon

    My word for the year is “submit.” But, I’m not really excited about it and am sure I’d never hear the end of it if my husband knew it. I love Donna’s “whatever” idea!

      1. Jen Hanson

        It’s … straining. But we’re all handling it well under the circumstances. No major melt-downs and no fights/arguments, so that’s great. I wrote a quick update on the blog if you want more details. THANKS for praying -we need it! Love you!

  4. Donna Lohr

    I got mine ordered already. A friend and I chose the word ‘whatever’ for this year….and before you roll your eyes it is the ‘whatever’ from Philippians 4:8! And mine is gonna have polka spots!

    1. Sharon

      Donna: Was at a MOPS meeting last week and the speaker brought along a little plaque (not sure if that’s the right word for it…….) that says WHATEVER, but it has the entire verse written on it. Thought of you immediately. Well, I don’t actually know you, but I remembered reading your comment on here and so I thought of your comment. I think the speaker said she got the plaque at Hobby Lobby. It’s not this one, but kinda similar. Only much simpler. http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/whatever-is-true-sign-241562/

  5. Ruth

    Your blog is working on my phone now! The one word I would get would be “Hope”. Or maybe “Grace”. Such a cool banner!

  6. Keri

    I have my Happy Birthday banner hanging up for the whole month!! It celebrated Scot and it will be my turn in a couple of weeks. We love it!!

    I LOVE your new blog. If I wasn’t in the process of getting in waaayyyyy over my head with a church website I would totally do away with all the pastel-ness of my blog. I’ll just save my pennies and be envious of your new design for a bit! Love you!

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