i heart hoodies

EDIT: HOLY COW! Jackie is coming from Chicago to Columbus this weekend and has offered to bring more hoodies and give us the same 40%-to-Cambodia bargain for all of them! So, I have all kinds of sizes (even XS and 2XL and purple)! Order away!

My friend Jackie has a heart of gold. I can’t really even add up all that she’s done for me/given to me since we met 2 (3?) years ago.

My least favorite thing she’s done was to trick me into modeling (MODELING) t-shirts and hoodies for her Dress Blessed business in exchange for a super-generous donation to our Cambodia Trip.

“I knew you wouldn’t do it otherwise,” she said, “and I knew you couldn’t turn down money for Cambodia. I gotcha!”

Well-played, Jackie. Well-played.

Jackie’s t-shirts are really pretty and have always been a big hit with everyone I’ve showed them to, but her hoodies?

Are to die for.

So soft, so cute, SO SOFT. The girls and I each have one (okay, I have 2) and wear them all the time (okay, not when it’s 90 degrees).

And Jackie is giving me SIX to sell with FORTY PERCENT of the proceeds going to ministries in Cambodia (which means she won’t even make a penny on them).

I’ve got 2 grey (w/black print), 2 turquoise (w/pink print) and 2 lime (w/blue print). Grey = M, XL. Turquoise = S, L. Lime= M, L.

The grey is my absolute fave, and here’s a pic of me in the turq. (I love abbreviating words like that. Gabe thinks I’m ridic.) I wear a med. (And the lime is more of a bright lime than it looks in the photo. My girls love it.)

The hoodies are $30 each + shipping (with $12 going to CAMBODIA!!). First come, first served!

16 thoughts on “i heart hoodies

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  2. Rachelle

    I didn’t get the last couple of blog posts in my email. Just thought you might want to know. Or maybe I got unsubscribed?

    All the S are gone? If not I want one. My old one is about worn out!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Jackie said I could have whatever I want for 40% to Cambodia!! So grey, lime, turquoise, and purple are your choices. 🙂

      I don’t know what to tell you about not getting the blog posts??

      1. Rachelle

        I would like 1-S purple and 1-S turquoise, please. Jackie is awesome! Let me know how you want payment. Thank you.

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