i heart cambodia

You guys, I’m telling you, I’m head over heels in love. Love this country, love these people, love, love, love. Not so crazy about the sweat pouring off of me 24/7, but that’s a minor detail, right?

I have a few minutes tonight (Monday night, Monday morning for you) to blog for a bit. It takes a long time to upload pics, so hopefully I can write tonight and do the photo part tomorrow a.m. I can NOT wait to show you tons more pics when we get home. My husband is amazing.

And, um, thank you for those of you who specifically told me you’d be praying for my relationship with the Gabester over these 10 days. We’re good. Good, good, good. (we do have 3 more days here though and a 30-hour plane ride, so feel free to keep praying awhile longer)

I loved, loved, loved visiting Daughters of Cambodia today (and buying things at their shop–Livi, Ava, and Nina, you’re going to LOVE what Mama got you!!). We couldn’t take pictures (to protect their privacy and keep them safe) but I have lots and lots of emotions and stuff to share soon. Let me just say that I have such a heart for restoring value and joy to these precious women. (Jen has much more about this amazing organization on her blog.)

We visited Toul Sleng today, the museum that commemorates the horrific genocide of the Cambodian people under the Khmer Rouge in the late 70’s. More on that later too. Wow. So much to process, so much hurt, so much horror.

Here are the girls and I by the graves of the last 14 people they killed. And Gabe has a picture of one of the rooms on his photo blog.

Tonight was Tie-Dye Night at the orphanage. John, the Executive Director of Asia’s Hope, was there with his wife and three beautiful children. They live about 10 minutes from us in Columbus, but we had never met them until Cambodia.

Here are some of the kids completely mesmerized by the tie-dye process. Witty Mr. John said we shouldn’t be calling it Thai-Dye but Khmer-Dye (which is even funnier when you know that Khmer is the word for the Cambodian people and language and is pronounced Kuh-MY). Kuh-MY Dye. Nice. Pics of our gorgeous t-shirts tomorrow!

Here’s a leftover pic from yesterday. This is sweet, beautiful Longdich.

Here’s Jason with Cheata and Yohan. So cute. I can’t really describe to you the intense love I feel for these kiddos. NOT thinking about Thursday evening and saying good-bye.

Here’s Lindy holding Rebekah, Erin holding Srey Roth and Timothy, Srey Rose and Srey Mich in front.

Somphoas and Gabe are pretty tight. And so adorable together. What a precious young man.

The kids are pros at Ladderball. This is Sophann showing off his skills. (and he proudly showed me a card trick last night that Spencer taught him. it was great!)

One more photo of the day. We experienced our first downpour yesterday afternoon, and Bunny (Boo-NEE), our driver, was absolutely brilliant driving through the “floody, floody” roads (Panha’s description). Poor Kim stepped on a nail sticking out of a board in the middle of a muddy puddle, and Doug rescued her by pulling the board out of her foot. She’s such a trouper though. It’s still hurting today, but she’s going to be okay.

Well, I’d better sign off or my ravenous teammates will eat all the breakfast.

Thank you again for praying and following along! Don’t forget to check out Jen’s blog. Can I just say that this girl is UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING? Seriously. She rocks my world.

See you tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “i heart cambodia

  1. Rachelle

    love the blogging/pictures/details…so amazing. Praying that these next couple days are filled with God’s presence.

  2. mary kate

    i love you so much sweetie! i’m loving every blog and every picture. praying that you get to soak up these next few days!

  3. Kristen

    I have loved reading about your trip and hearing all that you are experiencing. Praying these last few days are every bit as special and amazing.

  4. Sharon

    Marla, thanks so much for writing your memories and thoughts for us. I miss those kids so much… I love seeing their pictures! Kim is certainly in my prayers, oh my! Please give everyone a hug for me and say hi to Panha and Po Ny (Boo-knee) too 😀 And, I love the Kuh-MY Dye, haha!

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