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When I don’t post on the blog for awhile, you can pretty much assume I have some swirly whirly thoughts that refuse to settle and/or crystallize. And that I’ve started a blog post in my head a dozen times but just can’t make sense of what I’m thinking/trying to say (let alone put it in words to help you understand).

But the itch to write doesn’t go away, and so I have to do something. (This violates the rules of blogging, by the way. Don’t ever write something just to write it. Make sure you have an actual point.) (But I ditched the blogging rules ages ago, so woot!)

On the whole, living in Cambodia is not all that remarkable. Each day is just a day with its typical ups and downs. Sure, maybe some of the stuff we experience is a little outside the “norm” but it’s all slowly becoming more normal to us.

So, how about some Highs And Lows of Our Day to tide us over while I sort through the bigger, harder thoughts?

(We actually started this really great family tradition where each of us share a high and a low from our day over dinner. It lasted 2 days. But I totally want to pick it back up again, because it’s a really great way to express emotions and stay in communication with each other.)

Today’s Highs & Lows (in no particular order):

High: Our tuk-tuk driver is feeling better (he was sick all weekend).

Low: Ants infested some food we just bought (we had to throw it away).

High: A clean house!

Low: A tough day at school. We all seemed to be struggling, and our teachers were pretty discouraged.

High: Livi and Ava found the perfect bags after a looooong search for something I was sure did not exist.

Low: Coming out of the bookstore restroom and seeing a rat.

High: Cuddling with Nina.

Low: Thinking about Kara Tippetts’ husband & kids facing life without her.

High: Someone telling me she wants to send us a package.

Low: Ordering what I thought was something yummy for lunch, and it was nasty (and we ordered 3 of them).

High: Stopping at a taco truck an hour later instead.

Low: An email from my beautiful friend, Laura, telling me that our sweet Judah’s health is declining. (Oh, the tears.)

High: Studying Khmer for much of the afternoon with the girls.

Low: Dripping sweat in the 98-degree heat.

High: Watching The Help in the girls’ bedroom with the A/C on.

Low: Getting shorted $4 in change earlier today and not realizing it until we got home.

High: Speaking to strangers-turned-friends in Khmer everywhere we went.

Low: A family walk that turned into a great big argument and lots of sad faces on the ride home.

High: Cold water to drink on a hot day.

Low: Gabe still struggling with anxiety.

High: Thinking about how many people love us.

Low: Feeling guilty about not being/doing enough.

High: Remembering that we live in Cambodia. (CAMBODIA!!)

So, yeah, just another day. (And I’m sure there were more highs & lows, but who has the energy to remember all that at midnight? Not me.)

Tired. Thankful. Glad to be alive.

Got a high & low to share? (I know, choosing just one of each is THE WORST.) (I can never do it.)

6 thoughts on “highs & lows

  1. valerie

    I want to second the thanks for your willingness to share real life with us. Sometimes I tend to get an overly perfected view of those who are really living out God’s dream for their lives. 🙂
    Low: Really, really struggling with a job I don’t want to be at and a new boss who’s….umm….let’s just say a major challenge. 🙁
    High: I HAVE a job – that lets me help provide income and insurance for my family, and is pretty flexible with my hours.

  2. Sarah Farish

    Hannah read this aloud to me on the way to school Monday:) We agreed that some of those lows are JUST HARD:( Our high is that Hannah is 15 and a great day celebrating. Our low is that we all want school to be over…and feel like it’s all pretty pointless. LOVE YOU!

  3. Gaylene Carpenter

    High: a compliment from an employee at our staff meeting
    Low: the constant battling of feeling of not “doing” enough, of being enough

  4. Joy

    High: Leaving for vacation in one week!! Woot Woot! Texas here we come.
    Low: It is snowing… after a really nice weekend of 50 degree temps.
    High: Sweet connections with friends over facebook this weekend
    Low: Crying in church because the weight of infertility hits at crazy times.

    P.S. Thank you for being honest about life.

  5. Rachelle

    High: spending time with my daughters shopping for prom dresses.

    Low: spending money on prom dresses.

    High: spending time with my soon-to-be daughter-in-love.

    Low: taking said daughter to Five Guys; remembering she doesn’t really like burgers.

    Love you guys,

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